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For over 23 years, northern Uganda suffered under the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). The LRA attacked and brutally massacred the Acholi villages of northern Uganda. During these massacres, the LRA stole children as young as 5 years old and forced them to become child soldiers.

During the years of war, thousands of children, child-mothers and child-soldiers emerged from the bush after having been rescued by government forces or escaping on their own. They were in desperate need of assistance and rehabilitation. HOPE agent, Action Uganda, exists to help bring hope and safe harbour back to the people of northern Uganda.

To accomplish this, we aid the war-torn and vulnerable population of the region through the Home of Love, community support programs, pastoral leadership development, and our Christ-centered nursery and primary school.

December 2015 UPDATE: Home of Love closed its doors after our last 9 children were placed in forever families! We are thrilled that these children will now grow up in families!

We believe that, whenever possible, children belong in families and, to that end, we strive to reunite children with their relatives. Children who are reunited with relatives are supported in their new home through the Family Strengthening Ministry, which provides additional support to vulnerable families.  

The Home of Love will not be taking on any new children at this time, however they welcome new and existing donors to support the Family Strengthening Ministry, which provides education assistance for the children and long term follow-up with their families.


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Project Updates

  • Our social workers at Action Uganda work hard to build relationships with the families in our program!

    On Guardian Share Day, many expressed their thanks and gave testimony to what the Lord has done in the lives of their children through our program and Jesus is the Truth Nursery and Primary School (JITT).

    One guardian said her children used to hang out on the street eating out of the "dustbin" (garbage can). They were becoming street children. But since coming to study at JITT, this behaviour has stopped. They stay at home and eat the little she is able to provide for them. She is grateful and happy for the changes she is seeing in them. (It probably helps too that the school is able to provide two meals a day for the students!)

    Another guardian has a son who was causing problems in the community. After joining JITT, the boy has come to know the Lord and the shift in his behaviour has been evident!

    Thank you to our faithful sponsors of Uganda! 

  • Josh and Abby Rattin from Home of Love in Uganda have had the opportunity to experience life-changing events for children in the area over the past several years. Recently, they took part in a ministry outreach with Cause4Life at the Home of Love school to specifically reach out to children with disabilities.

    Disabilities Ministries are passionate about making God known by delighting in children with special needs and encouraging their families with the hope of the Gospel! This event took place in the first week of June, 2016.

    “We were thrilled to host a Joni and Friends team (Cause4Life) at our school during 1st term holiday,” said Abby. “Together we hosted a Vacation Bible School for children with disabilities who are within our community-based ministry and a sibling. It was remarkable to watch the impact that our children had on Ugandan volunteer students from Africa Renewal University as well as the American volunteers. We fervently pray that seeds of the Gospel were planted in each heart.  Pray with us for each of these children - each one so beautifully created by God and in His image!”

    The children enjoyed adapted games with enthusiastic volunteers. Children of all abilities laughed and were amazed at the crazy antics and games. The ministry is currently seeking donations of pediatric tilt-in-space wheelchairs for their precious ones who need pelvic and thorax support.  

    Exciting news on the staffing front, Monica who has worked with Dr. Abby since 2013, recently took on the role of Special Education Coordinator, and is learning about various disabilities and special needs. She has become a huge blessing to families in the community and is especially gifted in biblically-sound counseling with the moms.

    Abby also had the opportunity to learn from another ministry close by: “We were encouraged to spend time at a different ministry last week, where we were able to visit several times with their disabilities ministry and get new ideas, new inspirations, and mutual encouragement to press forward for these children and their families. Pray for Ugandans who have a heart for the most vulnerable children to step forward to work with these children - our need for more staff is a key limiting factor in how many children we can involve in our program.”

  • We have some exciting news to share you from the Home of Love in Gulu, Uganda!

    "We are thrilled to announce that we are planning on placing our last 9 children with families. We have identified relatives for each one, completed numerous home visits, meetings with families and officials, and even a trial 2 week home placement during the August school holiday. Every one of our children is going to live with family!”

    The reasons behind this is that the local government has been working hard to shut down certain homes in Uganda due to a country-wide mandate to place children in families not in institutions. The "Home of Love" is in great standing with the government. Now that the 9 children are to be re-united with their families the focus will now be on follow-up with the new families, building long term relationship with each re-united child and family, as well as working with other vulnerable children in the program.

    The Home of Love will not be taking on any new children at this time, however they are welcoming new donors with the funds will going toward the children's education and long term follow-up with the families.

    There is also opportunity to give an additional gift to help the children settle into their new living arrangements with their family. If you would like to contribute to one of the listed items please feel free to contact the HOPE office at or call 250.712.2007


  • We were thrilled to be able to provide mosquito nets to every household represented in our school.  We provided the nets along with training to every family.  Pray that they continue to use the nets properly and that our children and their families would be protected against malaria!

  • Dr. Abby supervises health, nutrition, and safety in our ministry sites.  Good nutrition is a staple, making us stand out in sharp contrast to other schools and orphanages in our region.  We focus on protein rich foods like millet, meat, ground nuts, and milk!

  • In response to the very evident need for remedial classes, we opened a remedial classroom this month – one of a kind in northern Uganda.  Our new special education aides have risen to the occasion as we assess pupils, make individualized plans for each child, and provide one-on-one assistance to some of our more intensive needs children, including several of our Home of Love children’s home children.  Head Teacher Mariana is teaching English as a Second Language and phonics – the cornerstones of education.  Dr. Abby is training the team of Ugandan special education aides to teach remedial math.  It is exciting to see the children thriving as we find different ways to teach different types of learners!

  • Thanks to generous donations, we were thrilled to be able throw a big Christmas party at the end of Gospel Camp for our sponsored children.  Chicken, meat, soda, and homemade Christmas cookies.

  • Home of Love wishes you a Happy New Year!

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$6,476 raised
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