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Our home first opened its doors in August of 2000. Since then they have expanded their services to include a full-service orphanage, a Community At Risk program, a complete K-12 academic program, and a transition program for the older children. Today the academy provides education for not only orphans in the home, but also many children from the local area.

Children are taken in who have lost both biological parents, and whose extended family members are incapable of supporting them. Unlike many other children’s homes in Ghana, our home is based on a community care model of helping children at risk. Each child lives in a separate family unit with foster parents and up to six other children. Contact with the greater community is experienced on a daily basis, and interaction with relatives is encouraged. Our home provides each child with three healthy meals a day, their own bed and clothes, access to medical care, and education at the academy. 

The Community at Risk program was born two years ago in response to the desperate poverty of the neighborhoods surrounding the home. It provides a full scholarship to school, along with a school uniform, books, two nutritious meals a day, medical assistance, and family support to children whose families cannot afford to send them to the local Ghanaian schools.

Our home believes in seeing the children safely into adulthood by assisting them to make the transition from education into a vocation. 


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Project Updates

  • The children of Agape Children's Home are keeping busy this summer! Our children have visited Black Star Square and Independence Arch in downtown Accra, spent time at the beach, taken art classes, and enjoyed a trip to the zoo!

  • The Agape Children’s Home located just outside of Accra, Ghana, is home to over 80 abandoned or orphaned children. The home employs a community care model with children living with ‘foster parents’ who raise them in a family model with up to six other kids. The home ensures the children are properly cared for and have access to both medical services and educational resources.


    One child who has been with the home for some time is ‘Junior’: The Agape Children’s Home driver saw Junior sitting on the side of the road for several days before he stopped and asked where his parents were. Junior was 4 to 5 years old at the time and was lost and sick. He had no family to speak of. The children’s home took him in, treated him, and gave him a home.


    Now, years later, Junior is a teenager and has a real talent for art and leadership:


    “This month we would like to feature a young man at our home who has been blessed with real artistic talent: Junior. Junior regularly produces beautiful drawings and paintings that amaze us all. He also volunteers on Sunday morning with the children’s program, and participates in the church choir. At the Home, he leads the younger children in praise and worship. We are very proud of our older boys. Some of them have been with us for 13 years! They have become great leaders for the younger boys, and work hard in the church as well. God has richly blessed us.” 


    Junior is just one example of the great work being done at Agape Children’s Home. It’s through sponsorship and support that these children are able to lead healthy and productive lives, and are able to look to the future with a sense of hope.



  • December was a wonderful month of surprises! We received many large donations to the home which included medical supplies, food, a truckload of bananas, a barrel full of gifts, and a party with inflatibles, facepainting, and personal gifts for each child. What a blessing! 

    As well, three young men who grew up at ACH came back from university for Christmas break. Obed, Asante, and Matthias are attending Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. They have been staying with us and enjoying their time with the children. We were glad to hear their testimonies of how God has provided for their schooling and helped them with their studies these past few months. Their faith and diligence is inspiring for our children to see and hear about!

    On December 23rd, our church held a Carols Night service and a live walk-through drama of Jesus’ birth. Several of our youth performed in dance, song and drama. 

    The highlight of the season is always our Christmas party. This year we joined together for a time of testimony and worship, thanking God for the year and sharing testimonies of His love. We then played sports games, board games, decorated cookies, shared a meal, and opened gifts from sponsors. The children gave Rev. and Mrs. Whitcomb a painting, done by Junior, that depicted a theme for 2018 – “Overflow”. 

    Thank you to our faithful sponsors of Ghana!

  • An Update from Agape Children's Home, Ghana:

    "This month we applaud one of the young men in our Home – Jacob Adu. Jacob came to Agape Children’s Home in 2004. Today he aspires to be a professional chef. Jacob loves to cook! His meals are delicious and he is always committed to improving his cooking skills. He can easily prepare a meal for 100 people. It is inspiring to see his culinary passion. We will continue to pray that God will direct Jacob’s life and open doors for him to fulfill the gift God has given him to cook!"

  • The teenagers of Agape Children’s Home serve at church every week in a variety of departments and ministries.  This month we want to highlight four of our teens.  Godfred and Junior wear their yellow vests every week as they volunteer in the children’s program called Agape Kidz.  Godfred and Junior help out in the three year old class.  Two other young men, Kojo and Richard help in the Agape Teens department by taking attendance every week during one of the morning services.  We are blessed and thankful that these young men are willing to offer service at Agape House New Testament Church!

  • This month the Agape Church held its annual youth camp. All of the ACH teens attended and participated in team activities such as volleyball, soccer, relay races, team building challenges, music competitions, Bible quizzing, and Scripture memorization drills. During morning and evening seesions, the teens were challenged and encouraged by the speakers to follow the plan God has for them as found in the Bible. ACH teens look forward to this camp every year where they enjoy meeting new friends and having fun with the ones they know!

    During camp, many of the ACH teens were presented individual awards for character traits such as most punctual, most disciplined, most helpful, and best at participation. it was a blessing to see the ACH teens demonstrating Godly character and being positive role models for the other teens and younger children!

  • We recently had the wonderful opportunity to invite a team from the Music Therapy Association of Ghana to come to the school and lead a music workshop with our children. Joining us was the Director, Mawurami, and three interns from Queen's University in Charlotte, NC, USA. 

    They spent a week with us, working with our students as they learned to sing, play the recorder, percussion, guitar, and keyboard. The interns were impressed by the children's determination to learn new skills and the speed at which they learned their harmonies and the words to songs. Everywhere that week, small groups were practicing in every corner of the school!

    On the final morning, we organized a small concert where all the chidlren demonstrated what they had learned. Leter, the songs were performed for parents and family members at our End of Term Performance. 

    The American visitors also treated our students to a professional performance and they were spell-bound as they listened to classical flute, classical guitar, and beautiful singing. What a great experience!

  • by Dr. John and Joyce Brinkerhoff

    We spent a couple weeks staying at the Agape Children’s Home several years ago, and one of our delights was becoming acquainted with a very quiet, studious young man, Samuel K.  

    He informed us that he wanted to become a medical missionary.  As a medical doctor myself, that pricked my interest.  Over the years we have watched Samuel study and work and serve (at his local church), and we communicated with him from time-to-time.   We were aware that as a 9 year old, he had lost his parents, and had never heard the gospel; he seemed without a future and a hope, yet he has become a bright star on our African horizon. 

    Currently, Samuel is in his second semester of year 2 of 4 as a Physician’s Assistant!

    We see a young man with definite promise of being a true future leader.



    And because He lives, we have life and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Our sins are forgiven, our hearts are made new, and we have an eternal purpose in Christ. All of us at Agape Gospel Mission wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas! 




  • On behalf of all of us at Agape Gospel Mission, our family wants to wish you and your loved ones a very happy Thanksgiving. God is doing awesome things in Ghana through our ministry and with your help. We hope you will take a moment to view a video greeting from our family.

    On November 12 we launched our first Saturday Night service at Agape House New Testament Church with 317 people in attendance. Just last weekend 39 people dedicated their lives to Jesus! Right now, we need your help to complete our church building and to continue caring for the orphans God has entrusted to us. Please consider a special Thanksgiving offering to help push God's plans for our ministry forward in this critical time of growth.

    We could not be here serving the Lord without the valuable support of partners like you. Thank you for joining with us to reach the lost and share God's love with the people of West Africa! May God richly bless you and yours this Thanksgiving.

    Yours for the Cause that Counts,
    Rick and Donna Whitcomb

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