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Hope for the Nations Romania was established in 2003 as an outreach to the community of Brasov, Romania. Our work began by helping rural families with their basic needs such as health, education, shelter and sustainable business. Although we still work with those families, we also facilitate a number of diverse projects in Romania and Eastern Europe.

Mobile Classroom

This project offers after school programs for children of all ages to help keep them at grade level as well as literacy programs for adults. It provides school supplies, educational field trips, and the daily presence of a qualified educator. Learn More

International Medical Workshops

Our work within rural Romanian villages brought to our attention the fact that many medical needs are not being met due to austerity measures. A specific case of a boy with a serious urinary malformation led us to develop international medical workshops, which are our largest projects to date. We partner with surgeons to offer life-changing procedures to children who suffer from malformations. Our workshops allow these surgeons to teach doctors from various areas of Romania how to do successful procedures themselves.

Mobile Medical Unit

After testing 400 people in the outlying villages of Brasov, we discovered that only 12 patients could be deemed healthy. Many of the patients had hypertension, chronic bronchitis, and in some cases even tuberculosis. We developed a mobile medical unit to immediately treat patients with serious infections and to help those who could not afford to pay for a doctor’s visit.


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Project Updates

  • New Horizon Romania has had a very busy winter season with a number of projects on the go serving the local communities and helping children in need. This month we wanted to share a few updates from Romania and the results of your support for these ongoing programs and projects . . .



    6 children will now have normal lives as a result of the surgeries performed at the medical workshop in Galati, Romania. Thank you very much to Dr. Mircea Ardelean from Salzburg, Austria for leading this team and to Dr. Anca Stefanopol, head of Paediatric Surgery at the St. John hospital in Galati, Romania, for heading up the event along with her team. This is a new partnership for us and we were very pleased with the great results! It was wonderful to hear the heartfelt gratitude of the families whose children were able to benefit as a result of this workshop.



    The winter shoes project started a couple of weeks early this year at one of the farms. We had our friends Wrenetta and Lia from Canada helping this year and the kids were very excited to receive shoes and boots for the coming season!



    Distributed part 2 of our Winter Shoes Project with the help of Ron Kubek from Canada. Izabella, our Mobile Classroom teacher, did another great job of getting shoes and socks for 78 children this year. It was a windy brisk -11 degrees, but once we turned the van around to help block the wind, the sunshine felt good!



    This year’s Christmas Hamper project was the most organized yet, distributing food, necessities, and gifts to over 300 people this year! Thanks to the organizational skills of our team member, Cornelia Iacob, things ran smoothly and efficiently! Our volunteers this year were Ron Kubek and a small team of youth from our farm project, who were only toddlers when this project began some 11 years ago!


  • Our Mobile Classroom project in Romania is helping over 70 children head back to school with some much needed supplies for the upcoming year! Many of these children would not be able to attend school without the support of the Mobile Classroom and Hope for the Nations Romania. 


  • Hope for the Nations Romania (also known as New Horizon Romania) was established in 2003 to work with families and children in the Brasov community. Originally formed to provide food, shelter, education, and healthcare, the organization has branched out to include specific projects centered around literacy and surgical procedures for those in need. Here are a few recent highlights from their spring newsletter:


    International Medical Workshop Sf. Gheorghe Romania

    With Professor Dr. Reza Vahdad of Marburg, Germany and hosted by Dr. Suzana Lorincz of Romania, the team studied Paediatric Laparoscopic Surgery! Seven children received this minimally invasive surgery during the workshop.


    Our 2nd International Medical Workshop this year focused on malformations in children. Dr. Mircia Ardelean of Salzburg, Austria led the team along with Dr. Szuszanna Lorincz of Sf. Gheorghe, Romania. 14 Children were operated on in total and given their normal physiology. A huge thank you to the team and those who participated in the workshop, in the O.R., and in the training room.


    Free Pulmonary Capacity Analysis Sinaia, Romania

    With the National Medical Insurance in Romania "quintupling" this year, the majority of the population is not able to pay and are not insured. To help out in a small way, we accepted an offer to partner with the Pulmonary and Infectious Diseases Hospital of Brasov to offer free pulmonary function tests on Friday. We no longer have our Mobile Medical Unit, but we were able to transform the Mobile Classroom into a Medical Unit for the day. We were happy to be able to provide this much-needed public service!


  • Our mobile classroom continues four days a week at two locations near Brasov, Romania. Last month we had some Easter fun while helping to keep everyone at grade level and enjoying school!

  • International Medical Workshops

    At the Spring workshop, Dr. Mircia Ardelean volunteered his time to perform 11 operations on children with abdominal organ malformation. The team at Sf. Gheorghe Hospital were able to assist and learn the procedures.

    The autumn workshop in The Republic of Moldova selected 5 children with complicated cases. They were operated on successfullly and 249 surgeons from the Rebuplic of Moldova and Romania learned from the procedures. 

    The autumn workshop in Romania focused on paediatric laparoscopy. 9 children underwent operations while 25 surgeons witnessed, took part in, and practiced the procedures. The press announced our workshop was the first laparoscopic surgery in their hospital.

    Mobile Classroom

    This program helps to keep over 80 children in school and at grade level. After many years, it was time to replace the old unit. Thanks to a generious donation, we were able to purchase a new-used van. It makes for a great learning environment!

    Each fall, there is an expectation for children to arrive at school with new school supplies. The beneficiaries of our program are not always able to afford these items and in fact, don't often have the shoes they need to make the long walk to school. Our Back to School program provides both. It is a joy for any child to receive school supplies and to have new shoes for the fall and winter seasons.


    Winter is particularily cold in Transylvania and often difficult for families in need. The cost of staying warm can sometimes replace food portions. That's why it is such a privilege to bring winter provisions to families in our programs, now for the 15th year running. Over 300 beneficiaries in total! There were lots of smiles, especially when the children saw that in addition to the staples of flour, oil and rice, there were chocolates and goodies for the holiday season!

    Thanks for your support in 2017!

  • The International Medical Workshop Project began in 2009 with the case of a young boy in rural Romania who was brought to our attention because of a rare and severe urogenital malformation which intensely affected his quality of life. Though the organization did not have a specifical medical focus, we did have a small fund for difficult social cases where surgery or medical treatment was only possible outside the country. However, in the case of this child, the cost of surgery, travel, accommodation, nurse accompaniment, parental accompaniment etc., was to exceed $100,000.

    This was unfortunately over our budget to help.

    The idea arose to contact one of the top pediatric urological surgeons in Germany, Prof. Dr. Thomas Boemers, to see if he would be interested in coming to Romania to head up an International Medical Workshop teaching doctors in Romania and The Republic of Moldova, surgical techniques to accomplish these surgeries in their home countries. Not only did he agree, but brought with him other specialists, Dr. Mircia Ardelean of Salzburg, Austria, and Dr. Reza Vahdad of Cologne, Germany.

    In subsequent years, the workshop has now become an annual event alternating between Constanza, Romania and Chisinau, Moldova. To date over 50 children have been operated on successfully. A new West-East relationship in the surgical medical field has grown strong and effective.


    Highlighted Story:

    HOPE agent Hope for the Nations Romania shares some great news with us for one of the young girls from their Families Project in Budila. Back in March, Mark and Coreen Biech from HOPE Romania received the news that Angela had been accepted on the list in Bucharest to receive Cochlear Implant Surgery for free, courtesy of The Romanian Department of Health.

    A Cochlear Implant is a surgically implanted electronic device that provides a sense of sound to a person who is profoundly deaf or severely hard of hearing in both ears. The implant bypasses the normal hearing process by transmitting a signal to an array of electrodes placed in the cochlea (inner ear), which stimulate the cochlear nerve allowing the patient to hear. This procedure is now quite common in the US and is considered to be a remarkable advancement in medicine and technology. You can find videos all over the internet of people hearing for the first time after receiving the implant.

    Mark and Coreen were very excited for Angela and the opportunity this surgery would present for her. “It's so amazing and we are very excited for her,” said Mark and Coreen via Facebook, “We are raising sundry expenses for her travel to and from the capital, stay in the city, food, mother's travel etc. We expect to need about $1,000. A far cry from the $35,000 this surgery normally costs.”

    The week before the surgery was scheduled to happen the Romanian Department of Health made the decision to cancel the surgeries citing that the funds should be allocated elsewhere. With the surgeons from the EU flying in the following Sunday to perform the scheduled surgeries for Angela and four other children, the decision caused an outcry from HOPE Romania, the doctors at the hospital in Bucharest, and the parents of the children. A petition to overturn the decision was quickly formed and taken to the Department of Health. When there was no immediate response, Mark and Coreen spoke to the National Press about the situation who provided coverage including parent’s reactions and even interviewed the surgeons as they arrived at the airport.

    Two days later, the day before the surgeries were scheduled to begin, Vlad Voiculescu, the Minister of the Romanian Department for Health came in person to the hospital to congratulate HFTN Romania for fighting for the children. Mark and Coreen took to Facebook to provide an update: “He announced at the meeting just an hour ago that, YES, the operations WILL CONTINUE. The doctors from Austria have arrived and are preparing the 5 patients. Since there was such a stressful start, the minister told all the families that they will be put up for the night in Bucharest at the expense of the ministry so that they can relax and regroup. The surgeries will be tomorrow.”

    On June 1st, Angela received her implant and the prognosis is good. She’ll be recovering over the next month and during that time the implant will be monitored before being activated in early July.

    Thanks to HOPE supporters and all the ambassadors, doctors, and people involved with HOPE and HOPE Romania, and members of the press who covered the controversial decision. Angela will hopefully be the first of many children to receive the Cochlear Implant in Romania.


  • International Medical Workshop

    170 doctors, 60 nurses, 11 surgeries

    This project was born out of the need of one little boy names Alexander. His case was brought to our attention by a friend who discovered he had a severe genital malformation whereby his urethra had not formed correctly. This left him in a state of toxemia and on death’s door. The local doctor quickly operated and rerouted the shortened urethra he did have to his colon as a temporary relief. The boy lived, but now had a whole new set of problems. We were asked if we could help in finding a way for reconstructive surgery to help restore some quality of live for little Alex.

    We contacted several hospitals in Germany and found that there was only one doctor in Cologne who could perform such surgery, however the cost of transport, surgery, accommodation, medical followup, came to approximately 60,000 Euro. 

    The cost was prohibitive to us so it was necessary to come up with another solution. An inspirational idea came to us to contact the doctor in Germany and ask if he would be willing to come to Romania if we set up an International Medical Workshop, using Alex as the patient, and teach the Romanian doctors how to perform the necessary reconstructive surgery. Generously, he accepted the challenge and agreed for us to fly him in to Romania. The doors swung wide open at this point. A doctor from Salzburg, Austria also volunteered and before you know it, there were doctors wanting to participate from several European countries. Many cases of similar malformations started to present themselves and we realized that this was not an isolated problem, only a hidden one from the shame attached. We are now into our 4th year of surgeries held in Constanta, Romania, and Chisinau, The Republic of Moldova, with hundreds of doctors and nurses attending from across
    Europe, and most importantly, many children set on the path to healing from this terrible malformation.  

    Hope for the Nations Romania is leading the way in providing creative and hopeful solutions for children in healthcare.  Join us!  

  • Full Stomaches and Warm Feet!

    Over 400 beneficierias received food and provisions during our 10th anual Christmas Hampers Project. Every Year, it is a joy for all of us at HFTN - Romania to see this project realized. In addition, for the 2nd year running, we have added another component of buying and distributing shoes to over 200 children at the farms project. So much joy in such a practical project is a blessing all around.

  • Today was our first project event with the Mobile Medical Unit. Tuberculosis is on the rise in Romania and our goal is to help eradicate this disease once again in this region. There are many cases of TB in our immediate region and hundreds more in the outlying areas. Our goal is to test those “suspect” of carrying the disease before the symptoms start and to get them into to treatment immediately. The sooner those infected are in treatment, the sooner they and those around them will be out of danger and we will be one step closer to shutting down the transfer of this deadly disease. We have four more events planned in the coming months and will continue into 2012.

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