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In different parts of the world children become orphans from a variety of circumstances. In the Ukraine most orphans are social orphans - the direct result of alcoholism, abandonment, or the imprisonment of their parents. 

Each child's story is a unique mix of heavy challenges. The Destiny Center exists to give orphaned children the necessary tools to lead a fulfilling life. From their years of experience in working with orphans in the Ukraine, the Destiny Center believes that one of the best things they can do for children is to help them understand who they are and to know their destiny.


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Project Updates

  • In all countries and cultures gifts for Christmas are a common
    occurrence. It is the same in Ukraine, as well. As Christmas
    approaches we look for gifts for our relatives and friends, visit a
    lot of sales, spending a few days. People who are really giving not
    only take care of their loved ones but also bring gifts to children in
    orphanages, old people in hospices, the poor in the streets. This is
    the true meaning of Christmas, and we feel great in our hearts when we
    do this. But there is one important thing which Christ entrusted to us
    to do. Even the most expensive gift will not be able to compensate for
    the lack of time spent with children who were deprived of their
    parents' love. Every year during Christmas holidays our team spends 4
    days with orphans in orphanages. This year we are preparing a camp for
    41 children at Bogodukhov orphanage. 10 volunteers will present a
    fascinating program, giving the children their love and attention. But
    the team needs finances for this camp. You can make a donation that will
    become your Christmas gift for these children!
    Your Donation of $35 will help 1 orphan to enjoy interesting and useful activities with our volunteers during four Christmas days.

  • Along with 18 refugee children, two teenagers from Zmiev orphanage: Vika and Vitaly got a chance to spend two weeks in the Christian Summer camp in Hungary. What an adventure it is for them to go to another country (for the first time in their lives)! The camp has a great program for teenagers based on God's word. The camp provides free accommodation and meals and there were some people both in Ukraine and abroad who paid the fees for international passports to be done, but we still need $100 to pay for their insurances and to buy them train tickets to Hungary. If you can contribute to giving these orphans a chance to have the most fascinating vacations in their lives, please donate to this project at hopeforthenations and send us a message that you did it.

  • We had had the list of children’s needs along with the list of their sizes ready and as soon as we got the money raised through the Hope for the Nations’ project 12 Days of Hope, we immediately went to the market and bought as much as we could buy for $1060.  Your donations allowed us to provide:
    -    80 warm blankets for the children in Bogodukhov orphanage. (Our volunteers spent there 3 nights during winter camp and said it was freezing cold in their dorms at night)
    -    36 pieces of underwear for boys and girls in Zmiev orphanage.
    -    17 pairs of winter boots for the boys in Zmiev orphanage.

    We distributed the gifts among the children and they were so thankful for this blessing! Some kids in Zmiev hadn't been able to go outside because they hadn't had winter boots

    An exciting story happened to us on our way back from Zmiev orphanage. It proved to us once again how much our Heavenly Father cares for these children. We had just left the orphanage and pulled up at the local food store to buy something to drink as I'd left the thermos flask with hot tea at home. In the store we bumped into the two boys, graduates from Zmiev orphanage, who we hadn't seen for several months. They were wearing light spring jackets even though it was -5C and quite windy and running shoes, so worn out that they even had holes! The socks of one of the boys were soaking wet.  We had two pairs of winter boots left in our van and, believe it or not, they fit the boys perfectly

    But it took us up to 10 minutes to persuade the boys to make the exchange – their old boots for the new ones -  as they couldn't believe it was no dirty trick, just a blessing from God. We wanted them to leave their old shoes with us, so that they wouldn't sell the new boots. In the end, Sasha and Nikita walked away in the new, dry, warm and good-looking winter boots, knowing that it was God who took care of them.

  • The kids from Bogodukhov and Zmiev orphanage have a need. They don't have bags to carry their things when travelling and summer slippers. Their old ones have become worn out and the state doesn't provide for new ones. The orphanage staff asked if we could help. The cost of a travel bag and a pair of slippers is $15. We'd like to buy them for 60 kids. If you'd like to help, you can do it here

  • Everyday practical needs of Ukrainian orphanages are huge and can’t be met until the corruption in the country is done away with which we hope for and fervently pray about. The bad news is that it takes time. And many of the kids’ needs are urgent.  Taking care of these needs is a great way to show God’s love to orphans and their teachers and dorm monitors who have to survive on their pitiful salaries and cope with the daily challenges of bringing up children of risk while having little to no daily necessities.  They have no necessary medicines or funds to buy them, no laundry or dishwashing detergents, ancient kitchenware and housewares. We talked to Zmiev orphanage staff and put together the list of the most vital needs of the kids. If you’d like to make a life of a child better you can do it by donating to this project. 
    (It’s better to buy these things here rather then ship them over from abroad. Buying local things will be cheaper, easier and more suitable).

    The list of needs is here:

    Medicines (18 positions) - $480

    The underwear, socks, tights, toothpastes, toothbrushes for girls and boys – 50 pcs of each item - $500

    Sanitary pads – 20 sets - $50

    School supplies - $250

    The plastic basins (5-6 liters), the buckets, kettles, saucepans, scoops, plates, cups, graters, kitchen knifes, cutting boards, wooden steels, kitchen chemicals, glass cleaners, brooms, liquid Whiteners, trash bags, bulbs, taps, liquid nails – $650

  • This summer 20 kids from the Bogodukhov orphanage went to the summer Bible Camp in Kerch (Crimea) Ukraine. Most of them including their teachers received Jesus during the camp and now we go to this orphanage on weekly basis. Their director and teachers asked us to help them in preparing the kids for the life outside of the orphanage. We were glad to do that especially because we’d been to the Life Skills training seminar held by Emmanuel Mission in Kiev. So we have really good lessons worked out specifically for orphans. The lessons are practical and interesting so the kids actually enjoy them. We found it challenging though to keep their attention focused on the topic because they are the kids with peculiarities in psychological development. Sometimes their understanding seems to be on the level of a 5 years old; we try to adjust our lessons to it and love them none the less.

  • This June we took 50 kids to the Summer Bible Camp by the Black Sea in Kerch, Crimea. There were 30 kids from the orphanages of Zmiev and Kochetok where we had been working for several years, and 20 kids from the orphanage of Bogodukhov which was a new one for us. The kids liked it very much at the camp as well as their teachers. Both teachers came to Christ in the camp and gave a good report on our organization on coming back. In fact, it was so good that their principal decided to invite our volunteers to the Day of Knowledge celebration. We have it at the beginning of every new school year. The kids were so happy to see us again! They were hanging on us and didn’t want to let us go when it was time to go. We were allowed to greet all the kids with the new school year and invited to come on regular basis. Praise God for the open doors of this orphanage! We plan to do the Life Skills Course for the elder kids who will graduate from the orphanage soon. It is includes Bible verses and parables in addition to the practical information which is very useful for the teenagers when they leave orphanage.

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$22,517 raised
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