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HOPE agent, Hope & Bright Future Center, was established in the Soweto slum of Nairobi to assist children by offering free education and feeding programs. There are a few private schools in Soweto, however most families cannot afford the fees for their children to attend.

Hope & Bright Future Center operates a robust school that is creative and effective. With over 200 students, the children receive quality education, a full meal at lunch and an introduction to entrepreneurship through the animal care program. 


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  • Leah is having a fabulous time in Kenya! Here is her update.....

    Hope & Bright Future School is a vibrant community within Soweto. It is a humble space full of heart with their dedicated teachers and staff serving 180 young children. Music could be heard beyond the classrooms, filling the surrounding roads and buildings with joyful sounds. A song and dance performance (by their award-winning band and choir!) were waiting for me when I arrived. It has been an encouraging two days hearing from the staff and teachers. Thank you for the warm welcome to Kenya Hope & Bright Future!

  • Congradulations to our class eight graduates! This month 20 of our Hope & Bright Future students completed their primary level education and will be moving on to their secondary level in January 2018.

    "We thank God for how far he has brought them, the teachers for seeing them through the process despite the challenges, and the students for holding on to their hopes and dreams in the difficult environment of soweto. We would also like to thank you and all those who have been involved in one way or another through HOPE to get us this far. May all be blessed."

    -Christine Wafula, Hope & Bright Future Center Adminstrator

  • Doctor Martin Kim has traveled to Kenya several times, volunteering his time to provide free dental care to those in need. Here's an account from his most recent visits:

    During my last two visits to Kenya in 2016, I had the privilege of participating with Hope for the Nations in providing medical and dental procedures and health education to under-privileged Kenyans. Inside the city of Nairobi, I worked in the Sinai and Soweto slums where HOPE has projects.

    We set up a medical and dental camp where we provided treatment to over 700 local residents, with medical screenings (diabetes, hypertension, HIV), treatment of acute conditions (infections, pains, deworming), dental treatments (extractions, and fillings), and preventative health education and referrals.

    During this medical/dental camp, we trained 6 of the older students from Hope and Bright Future School to be medical and dental assistants to allow a more interactive experience.

  • 'Poor' students in Kenya face seemingly unscalable mountains when it comes to advancing their educational dreams.

    Level Eight students must write government exams if they want to move on to the next level. However, they must have the following requirements:

    • Birth certificate
    • Registration Fee
    • Specifically designed desks located in spacious classrooms

    'Poor' students living in the slums often do not have ID cards. They have been lost by their caregivers or never provided. Cost: $26

    'Poor' students cannot afford the exam registration fee. Cost: $31

    'Poor' students cannot afford a 'special' desk. Cost: $46

    Tragic result? Students cannot advance in their education because they cannot afford these requirements. Poverty kills their chance to advance.

    Thousands of hard-working, ambitious, bright-minded students hit the wall. They become victims of a misguided educational system.

    Good news? 24 students from HOPE & BRIGHT FUTURE SCHOOL just wrote their government exams! The very first to do so in this school.

    How did this happen? Donors who care about the future for these students gave generously. Donors like you who value education and step forward to become a strategic part of their education.

    Each student, along with HOPE FOR THE NATIONS, thanks you!



  • Yes, looks are deceiving.

    When Mary first saw Patrick, she was taken back by his tattered clothing, dreadlocks and messy demeanor. Once introduced and cleaned up, a realitively shy individual emerged as an art teacher for our students.

    Hope & Bright Future School has neither had an art class for it's students nor the privilege of having a good art teacher.

    Today we celebrate the day we met Patrick.

  • Remember the 'street' man that Mary brought to the school for a meal?

    Well, upon sitting with him and listening to him share, he informed us that he was an ARTIST.

    Mary, the great opportunist, seized on his talents and put him to work ... painting signs on our newly rennovated toilet block. The students were in awe as they watched him work.

    There's more to come: HOPE has offered this 'artist' to come and teach ART CLASSES in exchange for a hot lunch meal and a few shillings in his pocket!

    There is a place for you to participate ... we are short 2 bags of corn each month for the student feeding program.



  • He was roaming the alley ways of the Soweto Slum in Nairobi.

    Mary, our HOPE director, was walking to near HOPE & BRIGHT FUTURE SCHOOL when she saw this hunched-over, discheveled man looking for food. Food is scarce and pooly presented when lifted off the streets!

    Mary, our school director, did the Biblical thing ... she invited him to join the noon hour lunch program served to our children.

    Menu: Beans and Rice

    (Part II to follow)

  • In the WEST, I have never seen children dancing in the streets over the purchase of school textbooks.

    However, in some ways, the lives of our Standard 8 students depends on these books.With no textbooks, they cannot write their government exams. With no opportunity to write exams, they cannot move into 'high' school. Without textbooks, they cannot even think of university.

    They have bright minds and a deep thirst for education. They simply need opportunity to study. They truly dance when this opportunity is realized.

    Your investment in their education brightens their future.

  • 'Face lifts' are a welcome experience to that which was old and worn down. Even slums enjoy a 'face lift' to their community. It gives the residents a sense of pride and puts an extra skip in their step.

    HOPE & BRIGHT FUTURE SCHOOL recently experienced a 'face lift'. The old is out and the new is in.

    The staff and teachers are proud!

    The students are proud!

    The neighbors are proud!

    It is amazing how your investment in our work can bring such joy to a slum community.

    with thanks - from the Community members of the SOWETO SLUM.


  • Often we limit the methods of helping children @ risk to issues such as education, housing and nutrition. Well, what about backed up sewers?

    Recently we faced a serious health threat focusing on our school in the Soweto Slum in Nairobi, Kenya. Here is Mary’s (our director) letter following the financial, assistance that came from Canada and the UK:


    Letter of Appreciation and Gratitude:

    Dear Ralph and Mama Norma,

    On my own behalf and on behalf of Hope Bright Future School Soweto, I would like to take this early opportunity to express our gratitude to you for the expeditious way you came to our assistance at a time of dire need.


    No words can suffice to say just how grateful we all are to you for literally 'getting us out of shit!' It is yet another indisputable indication of just how very seriously you think about our welfare and well-being. Am saying this because we were not only faced with the real danger of disease outbreak but the school was also on the verge of being closed down by public health officers because of the sewage disposal pits.


    I am pleased to inform you that we managed to hire the exhauster service firm and they did a marvelous job that completely sucked all the fecal material in the septic tanks to our relief and to the satisfaction of the County Public Health Officer and his team who were on hand to supervise the exercise and inspect the premises after the task was done.


    In a nut shell the pits were cleared and the place is not only looking clean but also smelling fresh.


    What more can I say in view of the satisfaction i derived from your kind gesture? Well, I can only ask for God's unlimited blessings to shower you every day of your lives as you continue giving hope and relief to those in need.



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$20,914 raised


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