THAILAND - Hope Children's Village

Community Based Care

$18,200 raised

Hope Children's Village is a community based care project consisting of a series of cottages that is staffed by local leaders. 

This 8½ acre plot of land is located on a rising plateau that connects to magnificent mountains along the Myanmar/Thailand border. This property is a place of peace and a refuge to children at risk and marginalized people. 

In this community live children from various villages in Thailand. HOPE agent, Divine Inheritance, has provided a home for children who have been orphaned, or who could be in danger of trafficking and soldiering if they remain in their villages. They are provided with shelter, food, clothing, education, spiritual care, and love, with the aim of raising them up to be leaders in their communities.

Our agent, Divine Inheritance, has a historical presence in Southeast Asia spanning over 120 years of work with children and families. 


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$18,200 raised
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