ROMANIA: Firm Foundations Romania

To support and care for children needing medical care

We are very happy to announce that Firm Foundations Romania has became an official association! It has been a long road but it is finally finished. Now it is time to move forward and help the ones in need.

Recently the Romanian government cut 25% of monthly wages for state employees and 15% off retirement benefits.  Romania has also increased taxes on everything by 5%. Many are frustrated and in need of help. FFR was able to give out donations to different organizations, hospitals, centers and families. Thank you to all who gave to make this possible!

Join us and make a difference. There have been generations of children who have gone through the dramatic back and forth of traveling between hospital and their families and it seems like there is no end in sight. New babies have been born over the last few months and are now also in the circle of injustice.  But we are very happy for each and every one of our volunteers working with us, holding and loving these children. Thanks to these people, the children have somebody there to comfort and hold them from the day they arrive until the day they leave.  Over this summer we reached a maximum number of volunteers and it has been wonderful to see their dedication and love. 

We continue to pray for long term volunteers.  If you feel called to come to Romania and serve for a year or longer please contact us.

Project Updates

  • Romania's Firm Foundations has just expanded their sphere of influence to incorporate teens from neigbouring villages in a Teenage Mentorship Program! Children from poor communities attend a centre for underpriviledged children where they are mentored by nine ambitious teens who are helping them to accomplish great things! Congratulations on your endeavors in Romania, we are looking forward to seeing how you grow and progress!

  • ROMANIA: Exciting Things are Happening in Budila!
    At the end of January, after frequent meetings with the
    Mayor regarding FFR’s ongoing projects within the
    village, we signed a collaboration contract with Budila
    Town Hall. This is an exciting step forward as we build
    relationships with the community of Budila, but also the
    Romanian government. Having the backing of the local
    government in the community will aid us in better
    supporting these families that need our help.

    Romania: Brasov: In October one of our long term volunteers, Raelene Schmalz, had a visit from her Mother Mickie and family friend Geraldine Goosen. While here, the ladies took the opportunity to share some knowledge with our families in Budila.
    Since potato season was in full swing, Mickie decided to teach the families a very basic, but delicious, recipe for potato pancakes. No one had ever made them before and they were very happy to learn how; they said they would make them again at home. While one group was cooking, Geraldine with Swedish volunteer Ethel taught the other group how to
    hand sew kitchen aprons. Each family that came was given a frying pan and sewing needles and thread to follow up at home with their projects.

    Thank you ladies for all the love and support you showed the families!

  • Sew on Fire Ministries is a Godbirthed ministry that sends humanitarian aid, blankets, mini
    layettes, and cloth diapers all over the world. They send and distribute merchandise with short term missions’ groups, and have sent 300 shipments to over 70 countries so far. During our visit toToronto we had the pleasure of meeting with this ministry and seeing the tremendous work they do. We are so blessed that they have partnered with us to make over a thousand cloth diapers that will be distributed to families in the village of Budila and mothers in the
    hospital. Typically, the families that we work with cannot afford diapers, but do their best to create cloth diapers out of rags. These lovingly made diapers will be a relief for many mothers and babies!



    It has been 5 years since the FIRM team began working in the impoverished Roma Community of Budila.  This village is a community of over 800 families, living in what would be considered 3rd world conditions.  It has been our honor to build trust and gain the respect of many of the families living there.  The work will, however, never be complete.  It has always been a goal of FIRM to improve the quality of life, in a practical way for people living there.   Due to the situation in Budila, it is a slow process as it is only feasible to work family by family. 

    If you would like to find out how you can donate to buy materails or if you would like to personally come and help rebuild this community, please contact us.

    The picture above shows a home that FIRM helped to rebuild.

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