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To assist the helpless in refugee camps in Monrovia

$900 raised

Buduburum Refugee Camp:
Located 44 kilometers west of Accra, Ghana, this refugee camp was opened by the UNHCR in 1990. It is presently home to more than 35,000 refugees from Liberia who fled their country during the Liberian Civil Wars (1989-1996 and 1999- 2003).

Since the UNHCR pulled out of this camp, the refugees living there are desperate. We assist those who have been left helpless, especially the hungry and the sick. We recently started a Single Mothers Empowerment Program whereby we fund training for single mothers. This training enables them to provide for themselves and for their children by engaging in small business enterprises. These women are so enthusiastic and full of hope because of their new opportunities.

We have women taking beauty salon training, cake decorating, tailoring, pharmacy and nursing. Others buy and sell goods at the market. Once trained, we offer funding through contracts for small business enterprises.

Refugee resettlement program:
Since Liberia is considered a safe place to live now, we are assisting refugees to return home. We assist them to rent a room for one year and help with household needs and food until they can get established. Small micro-loans are a great help to these families.

We invite you to help fund a micro-loan or a family’s resettlement. Click on Donate to make a one-time gift and email HFTN to arrange a micro-loan.

Our primary partner for this project is Provision of Hope/Karen Barkman. Agape Gospel Mission, Be A Hero and Partners in Action (PIA) also provide support. [Click here to learn more about our partners]

Project Updates

  • Precious Freeman and her 10 year old son Maxwell were among the many refugees we met in Ghana at the Buduburam Refugee Camp in 2008.  Along with everyone else, they were struggling to survive -- many nights she and her son would go to bed hungry. When Precious looks back on that time, she describes it as a “living hell.”

    I will never forget the night when Precious came to our hotel room across from the camp. It was the night she met Jesus, when “everything changed.”  Precious, like many others, fled from Liberia, during the 14 years of civil wars. She vowed that she would never go back to Liberia. For her, it had become a forsaken land filled with painful memories where rebel forces raped and killed her mother then beat and killed her father.

    Precious left our room that night, with a new-found hope. Her face was literally glowing!  I too could feel the peace and the presence of God everywhere in the room. I knew from that moment on, Precious and her son, would always be part of our ever-growing Liberian Family. The next morning, she met me still smiling. She could hardly wait to share her heart:

    “Usually I go to sleep, and sleep small. Then I wake up and I worry - how will we make it? Last night I slept all night long and the peace is still with me.”

    While we were so thankful for the peace she had acquired, she still had a very low paying job at the hotel and couldn’t afford to put Maxwell in school. Before leaving the camp, we bought Precious a bag of rice, put Maxwell in school, bought him a new uniform of black shoes and a book bag. I will never forget the smile on his face.

    The following year, Precious decided that she was ready to go back home to Liberia. We could tell she had gained confidence and her fear of the future was gone. What a drastic change!

    Through partnership with HFTN and Provision of Hope, Precious was given a $400.00 micro-loan to rent a booth at a market and cook for customers. With the profit she’s made from her business, she has started building a home for her and Maxwell. Her home is at the roofing stage and she expects to move in by August 2013. But that’s not all - Precious is a second year student in a Business School taking accounting and business management -- also paid with profits from her business. Maxwell is in the 10th grade and every year he has made the honor role.

    We are so proud of their successes, and hold them both very dear to our hearts.

  • LOOK AT SILAS TODAY ... Posing in his new clothes!!  This is since last February!!!

    This photo was taken after he was treated medically and given nutritious food.

    I love the quote of Mother Teresa “if you cannot feed one hundred people then feed just one.” 

    Rice has gone up to 60 dollars a bag and everyone pays for their drinking water. Life is so hard for those with no help. If you can help “just one”!                                  

  • Just a few months ago Silas was so sick, we wondered if he would make it. He was malnourished and unable to walk.  

  • REMEMBER US OH the prayer on the lips of these SINGLE MOTHERS as they march through the BUDUBURAM REFUGEE CAMP … inviting everyone to join them for their upcoming conference!

    Thank you to those of you who REMEMBER TO PRAY FOR THEM and to those who funded the T-shirts, food and drinks!

    The woman are deeply grateful!



  • Dear Friends,

    I woke up this morning, so excited for MOTHER'S DAY!! I know there will be the usual surprises, and the "felt" love of my children gathering around!!!. Phone calls and cards will come from all over the world...and I love it!!! I absolutely love it!!! I will honor my own dear mother, and tell her how much I love her!!!

    ... but then I remembered our mothers in the Buduburam Camp, in Ghana.
    Mother's Day is not so lovely for them.

    They remember the tragic stories of war! They are haunted by the inner search for their children, and the ache and the pain, will never go away.... so it is with Kumba Bwah
    ... please stop to read her story..


    ... it is my prayer this MOTHER'S DAY..that Kumba can go home... to be with her son!!!
    Please join me in prayer... to make this possible.


    a Father to the Fatherless, a Defender of Widows, is God in His Holy Dwelling
    and from your bounty O God, YOU PROVIDED FOR THE POOR....Ps. 68: 5,6,10 

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$900 raised
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