LIBERIA - Monrovia: Student Scholarship Program

Raising funds to send LIberian children to school.

$1,239 raised

This is an educational program to help disadvantaged students receive funding for school.  We cover Grade School through University.  Each student is assessed and screened before funding is granted.  Each student must qualify under our application policies, and must comply with our expected standard for education.

In Liberia there is a tuition fee for each child, so it is impossible for many to get to school in a land where unemployment is so high.  Through education, our orphaned children and youth are building towards a more promising future.

We have many students who have graduated with degrees in Business Management, Economics, Pharmacy, Nursing, Sociology, Computer Science, Social Work, Public Administration, Agriculture and Architecture. We have others who have graduated from trade schools and colleges with diplomas in accounting, electronics, electrical, plumbing, hairdressing, tailoring, carpentry, masonry etc.  With schooling and trades we are seeing our students step out to fulfill their dreams.      

Our partner organization, Provision of Hope, Karen Barkman, is dedicated to serving the poor in Liberia, West Africa. Learn more about Provision of Hope here.

Project Updates

  • CONGRATULATIONS go out to our 4 graduates who successfully finished 4 year degrees at Cuttington University in Liberia!!

    We are so proud of you Momo Bai, Peter Flomo, Jeremiah Gbellay and Marcus Jamel! You worked hard and achieved your goal!

    We celebrate with you today… June 13th 2010.

    Each one of these boys came from a devastating past, and has grown up as an orphan child. Today everything has changed! Like one put it, "you took us from the trash heap, and now we are shining like gold!" Today they have a hope and a future!

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$1,239 raised
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