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The coastal region of Kenya has the nation's greatest number of children involved in sex trade. The most unfortunate situation is where destitute children are hired out as prostitutes by their own family in need of an income.

Hope agent, The Good Samaritan Society is located in the center of the Mtwapa slum. They operate a two story building that houses a community center on the main floor and a school above. 

The school was founded to educate slum children as well as their parents. Simple and underfinanced, the school educates 250+ students under the instruction of dedicated teachers, and offers a feeding program to help nourish their growing bodies. 


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Project Updates

  • We all know of the story of the boy on the shore throwing Starfish back into the water. When asked why, his famous line was: "to this starfish it made a difference!".

    We have recently resuced one "starfish" from the shores of exploitation.

    Here is the brief story:

    At 7 p.m. the police corporal in Mtwapa called with an urgent request for help regarding a child abuse and neglect case.

    A 9-year old girl had ran for help to the police station to avoid the abuse from her mother who was lost in drinking dens. She was frightened, hungry, dressed in rags and had dropped out of school.

    The request from the police was practical: "Would you please provide us with assurance of the full provision of food, shelter and schooling for this young girl?" (We have a good working relationship with the police)

    Response? Christopher, along with our school manager and nutritionist, finalized the papers, took her shopping for some clothes and found her a safe place to stay for the night. 

    Outcome? One day later, this young girl is in our care, attending school and sponsored fully by HOPE FOR THE NATIONS.

    "To this one Starfish, it made a difference!"

  • The HOPE & GOOD SAMARITAN CENTER has officially been opened!

    After a year of dust, construction materials and a lot of hard work, the vision and the dream of an education center in the heart of the Mtwapa slums has become a reality.

    This grand event was celebrated by the 'fundis' (construction workers), students of the school, neighbours and honored guests. There was dancing, singing, acrobatics, prayers and well-wishers throughout the afternoon.

    Celebrations were followed by a love-feast where all the guests were fed with goat stew, fish, chicken and lots of rice. There was also plenty left over for the elderly neighbors who were unable to attend.

    This is the time to say "thank you" to all those who gave so generously to this center. Your investment in this community will pay dividends for generations to come!



  • I will be going to Mtwapa in early March and so look forward to meeting the construction workers and viewing their progress on the school construction.

    Working 6 days a week, they hope to have the walls up and the doors in. When I arrive, they will be putting on the roof.

    This project will accomodate 100 new students from the surrounding neigbourhood ... the Mtwapa, slum.

  • When foundations are being dug ... people walk by with curiosity.

    When walls begin to go up ... people begin to ask questions.

    When the Community Center is nearly completed ... people dance.

    The community was so excited about this center that they did not wait for the doors and windows to be installed. Instead, they cleaned the center and had their first meeting. Here is their report:

    "We finished the stairs and we have cleaned the new hall and the switch boxes have all been fixed, we did use it for prayer service this last Sunday and it was a great joy for everyone, we just tested a bit of what is YET TO COME when it is done. It was soo good !!!"


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$43,645 raised
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