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HOPE agent, Bethlehem Children's Care Center (BCCC), was founded in 2008 by Joseph and Linet out of a deep conviction to address the needs of the most vulnerable children in their society. 

Following post election violence in 2008, a number of children found themselves displaced. BCCC took in six children (two families of three) and have created a loving, secure environment for them to grow in.

BCCC is committed to holistic care that focuses on providing:

  • Parental love and guidance
  • Education
  • Health care
  • Rest & leisure
  • Emotional & spiritual development

The BCCC property also includes agricultural land and a fish pond, providing sustainable and healthy food for the children in their care.


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Project Updates

  • A book written by a Kelowna local author is improving the health and nutrition of a community in Kenya! ‘The Urban Farmer’ is a book written by a Kelowna resident named Curtis Stone. The book details different methods of planting a sustainable farm on borrowed and leased land. Curtis’ book found its way to Kenya and HOPE partner Bethlehem Children's Care Center.


    The Bethlehem home was founded by Joseph and Linet and provides a home for displaced children following post election violence that took place in 2008. The families at the home have worked hard to create sustainable food sources through farming and a fish pond.


    Joseph recently received a copy of ‘The Urban Farmer’ and wasted no time in implementing what he’s learned to help improve the properties agricultural farming practices:


    "For sure if I had this course when I started, I would have saved hundreds of hours and saved thousands of shillings. It has inspired me. Thanks to Mr. Dale Bolton for connecting me to such a course so that I can practice, educate, and change the living standards of the community. Also, for the author, I salute you".


    Among farming practices, Joseph also stated that the book helped change record keeping, and introduced new concepts like community supported agriculture and specialized growing.


    It’s great to see the Bethlehem Home flourish and become sustainable through hard work and community partnership.

  • The 2016 harvest did so well thanks to the support of generous HOPE donors and a lot of hard work at the Bethlehem Home! They now have a sustainable food source for the home. As well, they were able to contribute to HOPE's feeding program at the Hope & Bright Future School. 

  • HOPE FOR THE NATIONS wants to say a big THANK YOU ...

    to Electine for her professional expertise and oversight of this project.


    Electine and team worked diligently to construct the ponds and start the fingerling process. Local workers along with Linet and Joseph were ready and willing helpers at her side.

    Electine has also provided guidelines for feeding and care until maturity.

    Tilapia sell for KSH 150-200 so we should realize a good profit if the 1,500 fingerlings survive the journey to maturity.

    I want to thank the donors who made this possible through your generous investment!



  • This is an exciting day!

    The project has been completed.

    The pond has been filled with water and the 1,500 Tilapia fingerlings have been released to grow to maturity.

    This project was initiated to generate food for the home and 'cash' flow for the needs of the children. The 'profit' projections are healthy and we will now wait for the 8 month maturig process.



  • I met ELECTINE through email. She discovered the HOPE website and wrote asking in we needed expertise in the area of FISH FARMING.

    Electine graduated with her BSc from the University of Eldoret in "Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences". She has since had experience in the field but wanted to provide assistance for the non-profit sector. She wrote:

    To work in an organization or institution that would give me an opportunity to expand my skills and fully exploit my potential as I contribute towards the achievement of  their goals.


    -Aquaculture Extension services

    -Fish Feed formulation and production

    -Artificial propagation of catfish, breeding of ornamental  fish and Tilapia

    -Brood stock and Nursery management practices


    My response? A resounding YES, please work with HOPE!

    Electine visited the BETHLEHEM CHILDREN'S HOME in Kitale, produced a business plan and has now completed Day 1 or this project.

    Thank you donors for your investment in this initiative towards financial sufficiency.


  • Joseph is both a house parent for the BETHLEHEM CHILDREN’S HOME and a staff member of ORGANICS FOR ORPHANS in Kitale, Kenya.

    Joseph loves the science and practice of organic farming and believes that this practice and expertise must be passed along to the next generation.

    Hence, the children of the Bethlehem home receive instruction in organic gardening and also are responsible for their own small garden.

    The excitement that Joseph carries for organic gardening is rubbing off on the children … they now love to eat vegetables and experience the joy of watching their own gardens grow.

  • When treated properly, the soil of these Kenyan gardens produce an abundance of fruit and vegetables.

    At the Bethlehem Children's Home, we have a team of four adults who understand organic gardening, love the vegetable patch and see the fruits of their labor. Their reward is to see healthy children.

    Our children each eat the best produce the garden yields. They love the variety of their diet and understand the basics of nutrition.

    Their hard work and commitment to bio-intensive gardening has resulted in complete food security for the home. For this we are most grateful!

  • Water erupting from 50 meters below the surface of the Bethlehem property was celebrated with shouts of joy, dancing and tears.

    At last, the dream of clean, safe water for the home and community had become a reality. The drilling crew were working in full sweat, the neighbors where watching with curiosity and the children were running around with excitement and anticipation.

    The long awaited gush of water leaped from the ground and the celebration began.

    The pump was installed, the water tested and the home and neighbors now have clean water!

    Thanks to LOVE MERCY (drilling crew), ORGANICS 4 ORPHANS (sponsors of the well) and HOPE FOR THE NATIONS donors who purchased the land and pump.

  • A couple of months ago we received a distressing email from Joseph ... our faithful and hard-working house parent.

    Bad News: Neighborhood dogs paid a visit to their property and killed over 100 chickens.

    Solution: Build a GATE which opens to guests but closes to unwanted Cannines.

    Provision: "THE CAN MAN" collected and sold 1,000's of pop cans to pay for this gate!

    A retired couple, Edwin and Evelyn Henkel ... who live in Kelowna, Canada started CANS and BOTTLES FOR ORPHANS. This amazing couple have sold over 100,000 cans and bottles with the proceeds going to HFTN projects for children.

    The parents and children at the Bethlehem Childnre's Home say "THANK YOU!!!"

  • It was a delight for the UK team to visit Joseph and Linet at the Bethlehem Children's Home in Katile, Kenya. We were so impressed with the way in which these special children have been cared for following the post-election violence which saw the loss of their parents.

    We loved the "children's gardens". Each child is being taught in the art of bio-intensive gardening. Nutritious vegetables, composting techniques and preparation of the food are all skills being modeled and taught to the children.

    Each chlld walks around their "heart" garden (seen in foreground of picture), picks one of each vegetable and brings the harvest to the kitchen for preparation. Extra vegetables are sold locally for a few Kenyan shillings which the child both spends and invests.

    These children are indeed 'farmers of the future'.

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$26,614 raised
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