AMBASSADOR of HOPE - Melissa Seet

Empowering children across the world to learn their value and pursue their dreams

Most people spend a good part of their lives learning how to be great, pursue greatness and hopefully come close to living their great expectations. So did I.

But now I realize that the greatest joy and meaning in life comes from the smallest kindness you show to a fellow brother or sister.

I'm so happy to join the family at Hope For The Nations and empower children and women across the world to learn their value, pursue their dreams and live a life that's significant, leaving behind a legacy for generations.

Everyday brings new and exciting opportunities to love, to bless and to create hope. And in doing so, we find that true greatness comes from within our hearts!"   

Project Updates

  • One of the best ways to learn is through song and body movement. I'm a firm believer of using Multiple Intelligence to teach children. Developed by Howard Gardner, this valuable information ensures we don't stereotype our children into the visual and auditory group. Not every child learns by looking at words or absorbing what the teacher says. Music plays an important and fun role. Many children are kinestethic and movement leaves a lasting impression.

    We want to resource our teachers at New Life Kindergarten Poipet with songs and dance they can teach, videos for activities and create plenty of "play spaces". Games are great tools for encouraging teamwork and analytical and creative thinking.

    Makes me want to go back to school.

  • I'm amazed at just how hungry children are to learn and study and attend formal school when given the opportunity to. And I'm a firm believer in education, not so much that we need certificates and qualifications to get ahead in life, clinch high paying jobs and excel in the corporate world, but more that every child, no matter which part of the world he or she is in, no matter what circumstances or situations surround them, should be given a chance to learn, be taught to think and analyze, enjoy social relationships and for a Christian center, experience love, grace and kindness. What kind of environment would you want your child tto grow up in?

    New Life Kindergarten, Poipet welcomed children into our midst in April 2014 because of 2 major reasons.

    Poipet is a transit town, most parents are too busy making money, running across borders or sending their children across. Otherwise children have to stay home to look after babies or younger siblings. Of course, there already is a shortage of schools (only 5.4% of Cambodian villages have a Secondary school) and we're talking public schools which offer little academically and do absolutely nothing to impart values, I'm grateful that children don't pick up bad habits.

    Our Vision for the kindergarten is to provide biblical education for the purpose of personal application to obey the command of Christ. We want to create an environment where children are cherished and loved, given opportunities to express their creativity and discover their strengths. We sow into their lives and teach them to dream and give them a hope!

    All of the above would not have been possible if not for the vision and heart God gave to our teacher and school principal, Leakhena. We started with a donation of $200 and some of her own savings. We bought furniture, stationery, tools and resource and transform the worship hall of our building into a fun and colourful pre-school. I respect her motivation to start despite the lack of resource, knowing she will not get paid, her passion for children, her strive to constantly get better at teaching and her love for God and His kindgom. We have 15 students now, most are unable to pay the $20/month school fee but we take them anyways. Parents are very happy to send their children here, we've invited pre-belivers to church, we're showing kindness by allowing parents to work in the mornings without having to worry about their children. We've set the stage for a transformation to happen in the village, we may be right next to the noisy main road, dust may fill our classrooms, we may not have the best toys and chairs but we have the joy of the Lord filling the air! It's enough!


  • Poipet, city of approximately 150,000 people, border town on the northwest of Cambodia, gateway city to Thailand and land of dreams for many poor Cambodians. They flock to this transit town to find work in Thailand (mostly iillegally) or to trade. This is an area where all vices known to mankind can be found, from gambling to prostitution to drugs to trafficking, where people survive on less than $1 a day, where children are everywhere else, doiong evverything else except in schools getting an education. Yet amidst the hardships and pain, I saw and experienced a love and joy that I cannot find anywhere else in the world. They say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. I beg to differ. 

    I started ministry and volunteering with the local church, New Life Christian fellowship Poipet about 2 years ago and we've wiitnessed so much change in peoples' lives which affect their villages and community, which in turn has the ability to transform an entire city.

    Right now, we're focusing on capacity building of leaders and volunteers in church, through training  and discipleship, we want to rise up a team of strong men and women who has a God given strategy to transform a city. We started New Life Kindergarten which has so much potential to not only equip and empower our children, it's a great way to share Jesus and offer hope. We have a children's ministry to the villages, a women's ministry to reach out to the "working girls", cell groups for youth and leaders, music classes and youth service and activities. We are the community. We believe and sow into the next generation and the next generation will be warriors for Christ!   


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