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New Hope Center was established in Bujumbura, Burundi in 2004 following a terrible massacre in Eastern Congo that ravaged communities and scattered the people. Congolese children found themselves orphaned and stateless, fleeing to neighboring countries with no identification or passports.

It was here at New Hope Center in Burundi that some of these children found their home.

The home has several mamas who care for the children. Many have lost their families, and so it is here that they too have found a new family in the children.

New Hope Center aims to send as many children as they can to university where they can further their education and be equipped with the skills to sustain themselves.

Since May 2015, due to ongoing unrest and insecurity in Burundi, it was necessary to evacuate the children and staff to Rwanda, where they remain at this point. The children settled into school and several of them are at the top of their class. New Hope Center is waiting to see how the situation in Burundi evolves, as well as seeking to obtain permission, if necessary, to remain long term in Rwanda.

Your donation helps provide for the various needs of a child at New Hope Center including food, health care, and education.


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Project Updates

  • Fleeing as refugees from DRC (Congo), surviving a massacre in Burundi, evacuation from Burundi to Rwanda, not to mention having to start school in the English language for the first time in their second to last year in Secondary School; now successful graduates from Secondary School in the English Language!

    We are so very proud of our 8 graduates from our New Hope Children’s Center. As so many have commented, “This is nothing short of a miracle!” Now they are researching college and university options.

    Now we would like to honor these young men and women, 5 boys and 3 girls, with a fitting graduation celebration and party. We would like to purchase suits, shirts, ties and shoes for the boys, and dresses, shoes and accessories for the girls, as well as have a banquet in their honor at our New Hope Temporary Center in Rwanda.

    Would you like to be part of making this happen? We are planning the celebration for April 1, 2017.

    We value your support, as well as ongoing prayers for these children, as well as the rest of our New Hope family. Here is the list of our graduates from left to right:

    Fidele Raha, Bill Sebineza, Jonas Bigirimana, Genereuse Ndora,

    Daniel Mpore, Joyce Uzamukunda, Mike Ndatabaye, Esther Nyabihimana


  • This week, we’d like to share with you an inspiring update from the children from New Hope Center and their vision for the future!


    “Where there is no vision, the people perish!”


    Our children in New Hope Center have every reason to give up! For many of them, life has seemingly dealt them a losing hand. All refugees from war in Congo or survivors of the massacre in Burundi, they have been forced to leave what had become home for them in our Center in Burundi, and now find themselves living yet again in another country. Most of them have lost parents, family members, and friends along the way, and in many cases survived both physical and emotional wounding. And yet, rather than giving up or becoming bitter and resentful, they have survived and even thrived. They have had to learn another language, pick up their studies all over again, this time in English, and settle again in new and strange surroundings. But they have thrived, determined to be better and not bitter.


    Recently, the children have been asked to share what vision and dreams they may have for their lives, and how they think they can make a difference. I have been blessed and overwhelmed with their passion, vision, dreams, and determination to be difference-makers wherever God would lead them. Here are a few of their responses: cardiologist, surgeon, doctor, writer, journalist, professor, businessman and businesswoman, engineer, pilot, pastor, evangelist, professional football player, lawyer, government minister, military officer, and even President. In every case, it was not to be successful for themselves, but rather so they could give back and be agents of change in their country or wherever God should lead them.


    When Jeanne arrived at New Hope Center she received the first nice clothes and shoes she had ever had. It so impacted her that she began thinking about all the children she had seen in Congo and began to have the vision to start a clothing manufacturing company which will provide clothing and shoes to orphans and the poor. With vision and dreams continuing to live in and through them, they surely will not perish but rather live life to the fullest.


  • What a year our HOPE agents Ray and Mary Anne have experienced in Burundi. The political landscape has been incredibly unstable for months and they continue to weather the storms and uncertainty that come along with it. It is with such grace and trust in God that they continue their work in both Burundi & DRC. 

    In 2015, due to escalating political unrest, the decision was made to move all the children from the comfort of their New Hope home to the safety of nearby country Rwanda. The original plan and hope was that the children would return back to their home in Bujumbura in time for school to start. However, it quickly became apparent that there would be no quick fix to the problems that Burundi is facing. As a result, 8 months later the children remain in Rwanda and are doing very well. They are settled into school and several of them are at the top of their class.

    Please continue to pray for the Bales and the safety of those they work with. Mary Anne reports that people are arrested, tortured, or killed on a daily basis. Most of these are young men who live in areas of the city, which tend to be anti-government. Rapes are occurring in ever-increasing numbers. People have been driven from their homes, businesses closed, and yet they continue to try to provide for themselves and their family. They smile and push forward in the midst of much hardship.


  • Families come in all shapes & sizes. 

    In keeping with National Family Week, we would like to share with you today about an incredibly special family in Burundi.

    As a result of a massacre in Gatumba in 2004, New Hope Center was established in 2005 with a vision to care for the many orphaned children.  Pastor Ruben and his wife, also Congolese refugees living in Burundi, oversee the home and it was because of his love for his people that the home was established.

    From its inception, the home was divided into family units to help provide healing, love and care for the children and widows as a result of this very traumatic event.

    Each of the mamas were themselves affected by and through this tragedy and these family units have also helped to bring healing to them. Each mama is responsible for the ten children under their care with help from a tantine (aunty - a young single woman also a survivor of the massacre).

    Every family unit is a close knit group. The children learn to cook, wash their clothes and clean their rooms. Homework is done in a general study area and it is supervised by some university students who volunteer weekly. There is a young man who does administration for the centre and is overseen by Pastor Ruben who is the Papa for all the children. Pastor Ruben’s wife, Mama Bea, works with the mamas in the home overseeing all that is happening like buying food at the market, taking children to doctor appointments, and making sure they have the clothes they need. The children love to worship and learn the word of God.

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$3,081 raised


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