LIBERIA - Ganta: Community Development

Post-war children at risk becoming children of change through community development

$101,500 raised

Liberia is a nation that continues to reap the ill effects of many years of bloody civil war, where more than a quarter million people were killed; about 13% of the population.

Ganta, the second largest city in the country, has been a central location in the war.  The social, political and economic fabric of Ganta has been ripped apart. Tragically, those most affected have been mostly widows and orphans where their plight has been in a desperate journey of desperate poverty, hopelessness and disarray.  It is in Ganta that Hope for the Nations began bringing hope to orphans and widows in 1997.   

Hope for the Nations has been particularly effective in helping the most vulnerable, widows and orphans, by:  

A driving goal is to empower post-war children to become children of change - ensuring young people have the character and tools to make a strong impact in their families, communities and country.  We invite you to join us on this journey.  

Ken and Linda McAllister

Area Directors, Hope for the Nations Liberia

Project Updates

  • Take a look at this incredible video that was put together, gives a wonderful and compelling overview of what is happening in Liberia. We are so encouraged by this project and its incredible success. Thank you to all the staff and support workers who tirelessly work to make the world a better place.

  • See this beautiful inspirational trailer from post-war Liberia.  Growing up under the remarkable leadership of Hope for the Nations staff, childen like Cyrus are growing up to become young leaders with destiny. Join together with us as Ken and Linda McAllister and their team empower the Liberia staff to keep teaching, instructing, parenting and mentoring a new generation of leaders.

    We recently met our goal in our Liberia Rising fundaising campaign, so we are grateful to all our dear friends who have supported us.   

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$101,500 raised


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