MYANMAR - Hope Children's Home

To rescue child soldiers from lives of violence, restore their identities, and reshape regions of conflict

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In some areas of Myanmar, families anxiously face the prospect of their children being conscripted.

Hope Children's Home is a community based care project, in which some of the children were susceptible to conscription, while others have no parents.

HOPE's agent, Divine Inheritance, is providing children with the basic necessities for a fulfilling life. The home operates with a family structure that includes parental care and education with the goal of raiseing children to become not only productive members of society, but to be leaders in society as well.

Investing in these children will create positive global impact, as we change the face of nations by raising up moral young leaders in regions rife with instability, drugs, smuggling, disease and war.

Our agent, Divine Inheritance, has a historical presence in Southeast Asia spanning over 120 years of work with children and families.


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Project Updates

  • HOPE Agent, Marcus Young, from Divine Inheritance in South Asia, recently shared an exciting update with us that we wanted to pass on. Working to save children from being conscripted to become child soldiers, the team at Divine Inheritance has been working diligently in dangerous areas to ensure children at risk are given the opportunity for a better life. Here are a few highlights from the past few months:

    Sometimes an advocate is necessary to get things in motion. Last year, our dear friends Rob and Stephanie came to us with a dream: expand the Children’s Border Home. During their annual trips to visit this home of roughly 50% child soldiers, they formed a special bond with the children and team.

    When the local puppy is dubbed “Rob The Dog” in Rob’s honor, you know community trust is forming. During my recent trip in August, I kept moving Rob the Dog and his persistent tongue away. A staffer grinned, commenting that after the dog was named Rob, it developed an unusual interest in bathing white-skinned visitors with a nice licking.

    Last year, this border home was at capacity and in really sad shape. But with portions of Myanmar stabilizing, we felt like we could finally give the children a better home! Rob and Steph gently pushed funding for the last part of the project and together, with our Canadian partner Hope for the Nations, and our PAK-47 community, the dream became a reality!  

    Many of you know the Wa State hosts one of the highest concentrations of child soldiers in the world, with thousands more at risk of being conscripted. The need can seem overwhelming but as an advocate you know that every new bed added to a children’s home, or seat added to a school, empowers a child who has the God given ability to do amazing things and be a blessing.

    So today, with the addition of two new bedrooms, bathrooms, and an open-air common space, the Children’s Border Home is now impacting 16 more precious lives who are cared for, loved, and protected from front line duty. The children love the coziness of the bunk rooms with comfy beds and cubbies for their belongings, the new dining area for sharing group meals and the common space for playing games, doing homework, and just being kids.

    It is truly an honor to watch these children grow in God, fourish and have the opportunity to pursue their dreams!

    - Marcus Young, Founder of Divine Inheritance

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$19,800 raised
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