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In a nation of systemic poverty, extreme unemployment and government corruption, students stand less than a 5% chance of finishing high school in the public system where classes are hopelessly overcrowded and underfunded.

The Living Waters Secondary School responds to the critical need for quality secondary education in the city of Mwanza, Tanzania. This building project, located across the street from the Living Waters Elementary School, will serve as an extension to their ministry to 400+ children. With a full complement of classrooms, library, science labs etc., this school will take students through all O and A level classes to prepare them for college or university. Uniquely, this school will make private education available for all children, regardless of their ability to pay since many of the students are sponsored. Receiving a uniform, materials and a meal a day has been a staple for the many sponsored children at the Elementary School and your gift toward this building project will allow that to continue right through Secondary School for these students.

For the students at Living Waters Secondary school, caring teachers and top-notch curriculum will give students the tools they need to become leaders and employers in their nation.

Thanks to your generous donations, the school’s construction phase has been completed! Funds are now being raised for furnishings and educational supplies.


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Project Updates

  • The new Living Water Secondary School in Tanzania is now complete. Thank you to all the supporters who helped make this project a reality!

    Our agent liaison, Cathleen Loge, visited Tanzania in December to see first hand what has been accomplished since she first dreamt of building a secondary school on her visit four years ago.

    "I can tell you that there is tremendous excitement in the community about this school and it is a beautiful gift from Canadians like you. The classrooms are lovely and your gift will go a long way towards buying the curriculum, school supplies and science equipment that is still needed."

  • Announcing the fundraiser all you adventure lovers have been looking for... On July 8th, three generations of one family will be jumping out of an airplane over Vernon BC to show the world that education in Tanzania is worth the leap. We are inviting anyone to join us who has a passion to see equal opportunities for kids in Africa as our kids here enjoy.  

    A high school education that we take for granted is often unattainable for the kids waiting to enroll in the Living Waters Secondary School, which is now under construction.  This school will open in January 2018, for up to 500 kids to receive an education and a sponsor who will pay for the cost of their education, helping their families in the process.  Once the school construction is finished, it will need to be furnished with desks, chairs, chalkboards, science equipment and books.  The proceeds from this fundraising jump will help provide this equipment and get the kids started on the road to success.

    Join us in jumping or supporting the jumpers with a donation for every second of free-fall they enjoy (endure?) .  Donate today and we'll get this school ready for those precious students!



  • There is nothing more humbling than to see a goal accomplished through  people relentlessly pursuing that goal together until it bears fruit.  This is how the church and the world is supposed to work - drawing people into the Kingdom by working together to accomplish God's purposes. 

    Living Waters Secondary School is an example of the blessing God grants to His people when they are focused on His plan!  Now three stories high, the school is becoming a large landmark and a testimony to the neighbourhood of what Tanzanians and Canadians, the church and business people, those with much and those with little, can do together under God's direction.  We are so blessed to be a part of this team! 

    Construction has progressed quickly but will pause for a month or two while Living Waters and Bill Hebner our builder attend to some other work that needs to be done.  In the meantime, the Tanzanian workers will continue with masonry work, interior classroom finishing and we will work on raising funds to furnish the school with desks, chalkboards and science supplies. 

    You can check out our facebook page for a time-lapse video of the construction to date and for photos of those who have been contributing their time and labour to the future of these Tanzanian kids.  Wow, what a team!!!

  • Once cleaned up and modified shipping containers fit together like lego blocks in so many unique and interesting combinations.  The walls can be cut out, the pieces used to build stairs or balustrades.  All that's needed is a welder and some elbow grease! And a great builder with imagination and experience - in our case, Bill Hebner, originally from Kelowna. 

    With this vision our HOPE agent liaison Cathleen Loge has pursued the goal of building a high school in Tanzania relentlessly. After much hard work,  and fundraising this dream is quickly becoming a reality. Scheduled to open fully furnished in time for the new school year starting January 2018

    In a nation of systemic poverty, extreme unemployment and government corruption students in Tanzania stand less than a 5% chance of finishing high school in the public system where classes are hopelessly overcrowded and underfunded. 

    For the students at Living Waters Secondary school, caring teachers and values-based curriculum will give students the tools they need to become community leaders and employers.  Their nation needs them to fulfill their dreams and together we can make that a reality. 

     Once completed The Living Waters High school will be a beautiful light blue with dark blue trim and mahogany wood doors. It might be hard to see, but it's coming!

    Funds collected now will go toward desks chalkboards and equipment for the school. We aim to be ready for up to 500 students!





  • They sit on docks all over the world, abandoned, useless, rusting, unsightly.  But with a little care and imagination, ocean-going shipping containers make for amazing building materials. They are strong, made to stack 10-high, earth-quake proof, watertight, uninteresting to termites and best of all - cheap!  Recycling these containers into buildings gives new life to the containers and to projects like the Living Waters Secondary School. Once cleaned up and modified they fit together like lego blocks in so many unique and interesting combinations.  The walls can be cut out, the pieces used to build stairs or balustrades.  All that's needed is a welder and some elbow grease! And a great builder with imagination and experience - in our case, Bill Hebner, originally from Kelowna.  He has planned a wonderful building that's useful, expandable, flexible and best of all, affordable.  There would clearly be no better use for the donated funds than building this way, where your dollar can go farther and more children can receive the education they deserve.  

  • There are some amazing things happening in Tanzania! Here is the latest news:  

    Construction has officially begun on the Living Waters Secondary School!

    • 3 teams of 5 labourers each
    • 10 foot holes dug (by hand) for cement pilings,
    • formed rebar in 10 foot columns and inserted into holes
    • hand-mixed cement poured into these holes to cure for 2 weeks.  
    • 4 ocean-going shipping containers of solid steel construction, delivered  
    • 10 more containers on their way
    • Priceless: 400 children waiting for the day they can walk into their new school!!! See pictures and follow updates on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/livingwaterssecondaryschool/  

    There is still a need for donations to keep this work going - we only need $94,000 CAD to complete our goal of $350,000. The building is quickly becoming a reality and there has never been a better time to invest in kids who have the potential to change their nation.  To those of you that are meant to help us - you know who you are - donate today or contact livingwaterstanzania@gmail.com for more info.




  • Still looking for the perfect gift? Buy that special someone a gift that will last and last.  A shipping container? Yes! Right now, if you buy one shipping container with your gift to the Living Waters Secondary School, your gift will be doubled and the school will receive TWO containers.  We need a total of 30 containers purchased before March 1st to complete the building of this school.  Dollars are waiting to match your donation towards these recycled, repurposed containers that will be the building blocks of a strong long-lived school for hundreds of African students waiting to enrol.  If you have a heart to give the gift of a great education, shop at our gift store at www.livingwatershighschool.com - all donations will be matched $1 for $1 and everybody benefits!

  • There are lots of buildings in East Africa that are built with high hopes that unfortunately have fallen quickly into disrepair.  Termites, weather, poor materials and poor construction practices leave public buildings, often schools, with deteriorating roofs, floors that have returned to dirt, and plaster falling from walls and ceilings. Government is often slow to respond to needs and corruption keeps the money from getting where it needs to go. I have seen classrooms in a school only 7 years old rendered unusable because the ceiling has caved in.  

    In light of these factors we have opted for a new, greener solution for the Living Waters Secondary School.  Using re-purposed ocean-going shipping containers as building materials, this school will be made of clean, insulated containers with solid steel frames that won't rust, won't degrade due to weather or termites and which are virtually earthquake proof, an important safety feature in this area of the world.  We will also be removing from shipyards some old containers that if left alone would only pollute their environment.  Container buildings are cheaper to build, easier to maintain (containers are meant to last 50-100 years) and can form a building in a fraction of the time.  

    Your dollars will be used to build an excellent, sustainable learning environment for hundreds of kids that will stand the test of time, while reusing what has already been discarded.  Now THAT's an investment you can feel good about!



  • It's easy for us to look at certain countries and point fingers as to why the people of these nations spend generations in poverty.  We might be tempted to apply some ethnocentric "wisdom" and find them wasteful, not productive, culturally backward or worse, lazy.  These aren't words we would want applied to ourselves, but we don't see ourselves through the same lenses and the words don't apply. 

    Let me challenge your thinking a little: Imagine for a moment that you had not received any education past the 6th grade. You can read and write, but not in the language of government and educational institutions.  You can't read a formal application for employment, can't fill out a form at the doctor, can't explain to a city official why you should be allowed to live where you do, would never be considered for a job other than a labourer position at best.  Most likely you would make barely enough money to feed your family, will never own a home, will not be able to afford to send your kids to school above Grade 6. You will wonder daily what will become of your kids.  You subsist on what you can make without an actual job, likely re-selling goods from your spot on the edge of the main dirt road.  Your childhood dreams of becoming a policeman, doctor or politician would never be realized.  Your potential would never be tapped or encouraged.  And your children would likely spend their lives just like you.  

    All because you didn't get an education.  No welfare, no unemployment insurance, no soup kitchen or food stamps.  Nothing to fall back on, nothing to give you hope that it will get better.  It's a reality that many live with for generations.  People in this situation don't need a handout.  They need an education.

  • I once heard a quote that makes sense to me now, more than ever: "Hope meets you halfway on a bridge called Faith".  Launching a campaign to bring secondary education to kids in Africa requires a step of faith, in fact you have to crawl out over the edge to get a good look at what is possible in order to have the strength and faith to build the bridge.  Like these guys calmly eating their lunch thousands of feet in the air, you have to just enjoy the view instead of thinking how far down it is. For all those who have contributed so far - thanks for joining us out in the breeze!

    I'm excited to say we are quickly approaching the half-way mark on our $350,000 fundraising goal! And there are still matching dollars left to claim for your donation!  

    The kids in Tanzania are experiencing their own 'building adventure' as they wait for this school to be built.  Each of them has a goal that first requires an excellent English education.  From there they can continue to build a future that goes beyond their poverty, social disadvantage, cultural constraints and build hope for their families and the future generations.  I could never ask for a better reason to do my job than that!  


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$40,800 raised
100% Complete
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