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In the remote Everest region of Nepal, seven out of ten girls drop out of school after grade 10. A prevailing cultural view favors sending boys to school and keeping girls in the home to take care of household chores. As a result, the literacy rate of women is at 23%.

Believing that every girl and boy should have equal opportunity and access to education, HOPE works with The Small World to support higher education for girls who live in the remote villages of Solukhumbu. Our dorm is a safe place for girls from various villages to come and live while they attend school. They develop a tight knit community, who support each other through their studies. Girls are also taught about the realities of trafficking and strategies for prevention. When they return to their villages, they are equipped with information to educate others. Here at the dorm, girls are empowered to move forward in life as leaders.


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Project Updates

  • Another school year has begun for this group of new girls at the hostel.

    HOPE volunteer, Patti Hoy, will be visiting once again this fall, and we look forward to hearing the updates she'll be bringing back from Nepal!


  • HOPE volunteer, Patti Hoy, was able to make another visit to the Solukhumbu Hostel at the end of 2017 and check in on the young women currently living and studying at the dorm. Almost all the girls had returned from their villages for a new school sesssion after spending time with their families for the festivals of Dashain and Tihar. 

    "We brought along 45 Days for Girls feminine hygiene kits and did an educational program on women's health before distributing the kits to the girls. They were very well received."

    A quick assessment of the facilities found that the toilets HOPE helped raised funds for two years ago are in good working order. There is even a hot water 'geyser' in the shower room. One of the buildings on site now houses a computer lab, where the girls are learning computer skills.

    Thank you for continued support and empowerment of these young women!

  • HOPE’s involvement in the Solukhumbu region of the Himalaya Mountains began a new phase in September, 2013 with the second group of forty excited young women arriving at the hostel in Salleri.

    Each is looking forward to the opportunity to complete her secondary education and expand her world view while living in the safe and lively environment of the hostel.

    HOPE welcomed these young women by providing warm coats, with the HOPE logo embroidered on each, shoes and a set of study tables and benches for the common room.

    Have a great school year ladies!


  • HOPE volunteers, Patti Hoy and Louise Arkle spent almost two weeks this spring visiting our Hope for the Nations partners in Nepal. Both returned home with a very optimistic and positive response to the work happening there.

    Despite the common weather related travel delays, three days were spent in the Himalaya Mountains with our agent, Karma Sherpa of The Small World, to visit the Solukhumbu Young Women’s Higher Education Project. Two years ago, HOPE partnered with TSW in the construction and maintenance of a hostel where 40 young women from surrounding villages have come to reside while they complete their ‘ten plus two’ (grade 12 equivalent). The difference that has been made in the lives of these young women, due in part to HOPE's involvement, is impressive! Coming from diverse ethnic groups and disadvantaged backgrounds, the hostel has enabled these young women to become part of the small minority of educated women in Nepal. Now, they are able to make plans and realize dreams for their futures. Patti and Louise, along with Karma, were able to share a celebratory evening at the hostel. Each of the young women received a pen with the HOPE logo and the message, “Congratulations on your success” as a memento of their significant achievement.

    Below, are testimonials of some of the young women at the hostel:

    “Since I moved in this hostel I have lived my life very happily, I got opportunity to learn and see those things that I have never expected in my life. Today I am able to speak up what I feel and I have basic computer skill. I feel very confident that I can be a(n) independent woman who will fight for my own right and teach other women to speak and be happy. Thank you for being there for us.”  -Devika Thulung

    “I was born in the most remote village of Solu. I was not able to speak our native language Nepali. But now education helped me know the languages, meet different people and learn and explore so it really means everything for me.”  -Sadhika Kulung

    “I would like to work for the development of my village… to work for the development of the country… I have never thought that I can be so fortunate to receive this opportunity but from my true heart I would like to say thank you for providing this facility.”  -Dil Kumari Rai

    “Thank you for helping us. Your help change my life and I will promise to change many more lives in positive way as I can.”  -Yasuka Rai

    “Education is very important to me because I want to do something for women of my village so my education is not only for me and my family but it is for entire community.”  -Doma Rai

    “… There is a big gap between girls and boys in our society that always kept girls in a line below. Now we have to work to… feel ourself as equal to men so education is the first step of this solution.”  -Bimila Karki

    "After completing my education I will go back to my community and make some income generating activities using local resources where women can work and earn and support their own family… I used to work as a porter, I carried rice and salt from Jiri to Salleri and paid for my school but now it is very comfortable here ….”  -Shaishama Khadka

    “Girls and women in my community face extreme discrimination and are rarely involved in social activities where decisions are made. Today I feel confident to put my opinions in front of people and I am very happy for what I achieved staying in this hostel.”  -Prekshaya Rai

    “I want to be a teacher and help educate more children of Nepal.”  -Pema Rinji Sherpa

    Karma and Sonam Sherpa of TSW are forward thinking and proactive. Upcoming projects that they are contemplating include the construction of a second young women’s hostel, on the same property, to enable those who have completed their ‘ten plus two’, to pursue post-secondary education. Further, TSW is undertaking to provide education to young women in the Solukhumbu region to empower them against the huge, and growing threat of ‘girl trafficking’. Whereas rescuing trafficked young women is very necessary, Karma and Sonam are pursuing a path to avoid, and ultimately eliminate, this crime in the Solukhumbu region.


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$13,610 raised
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