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There are over 4,500 children in the central Okanagan that live in a food insecure home and are at risk of going to school hungry. Since 2009, Food for Thought aims to eliminate hunger in children, one child at a time in the Central Okanagan through our various programming.


Breakfast Program: Food for Thought provides free breakfast up to 1600 school-aged children a day in 29 schools. Breakfast typically consists of fruit, dairy, and a grain, and is provided by food donations, grants, fundraisers, and donations.

Backpack Program: Backpacks filled with food are given to students for the weekends who would go without. This incredible program ensures hungry tummies are filled when children are not in school.

Living Salads: In partnership with Hands in Service, Living Salad planters are given to families filled with tomatoes, parsley, chives, leaf lettuce and Swiss chard that will replenish throughout the season.

Fruit Preservation: In partnership with the Okanagan Fruit Tree Project, local fruit is gleaned and preserved during the summer months to give to students during the school year.

We know that a hungry child is more likely to act out and less likely to achieve their personal potential. We have seen happy productive classrooms with reduced behavioral problems, increased academic performance and a stronger sense of community.

Food for Thought has a fantastic group of volunteers. Without volunteers, we would not be able to reach the number of children that we currently do. If you are interested in volunteering please click here to express your interest.


For more information and to learn how you can support Food for Thought, contact: Jane Richert, Food for Thought Program Manager, at (250) 712-2007 or

We would like to thank our sponsors and partners. Without your support Food for Thought would not be possible:

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Project Updates

  • Please join us in welcoming the newest member of HOPE Head Office: Jane Richert. Jane comes to us with a welath of experience as the Manager of our Food For Thought Project here in The Okanagan. Here's a little about Jane...

    "I am excited to be joining Hope for the Nations! My background is in the nonprofit sector and more recently, in social enterprise. I am driven by the idea that change begins in our backyards and can have ripple effects around the world. A common thread in my life has been a passion for community and international development. I hold a B.A. in International Development Studies and a MSc. in Nonprofit Management. I bring experience coordinating programs for at risk youth, refugee, and immigrant communities. Most recently, I was involved with a start-up urban farm which sparked an interest in local food security. 

    This fall I moved from the land of red plates (Alberta) to Beautiful B.C. I attended International Development Day to learn about organizations in Kelowna. My first stop was the Hope for the Nations booth where HOPE staff enthusiastically told me about their amazing work. I loved the global focus but also the importance Hope places on their mandate locally through the Food for Thought program. I was sold. 

    I am thrilled about and thankful for the opportunity to manage the Food for Thought program. I look forward to learning more about Hope projects and meeting the community that makes this happen".

  • Please join us in welcoming Jocelyn Whalen to the Food for Thought Team!


    Jocelyn is working with us this summer in conjunction with the Okanagan Fruit Tree Project to help preserve fruit for the next school year. They are making jam, fruit leather, and much more. 


    Jocelyn is an Environmental Scientist with a passion for environmental education, sustainable agriculture and the great outdoors! She has a BSc. H. Environmental Resource Science and Studies from Trent University, Environmental Technology Graduate Diploma and Environmental Technician Diploma from Fleming College. She grew up in Southern Ontario and moved to BC in June 2017, after graduating university, to pursue her career. Initially, she secured an internship through Agri-Canada where she worked for a non-profit organization in the Lower Mainland as an Environmental Projects Coordinator on an organic farm and education centre. She has been living in the Okanagan Valley since February 2018 and has already created strong, long lasting relationships with local environmental organizations, schools and communities. Jocelyn enjoys hiking, camping, swimming, and she also volunteers with a local therapeutic farm.

  • Do You Have an Appetite for Change?

    Hunger doesn’t just occur at Christmas, it’s an ongoing global problem, and we need a global community-based sustainable solution.

    This Christmas, Hope for the Nations is inviting you to Freeze Hunger! Through a series of events and online initiatives we will be helping support nutrition and farming programs in six different countries around the world; to help improve the health and emotional well-being of children in need.

    Take advantage of this end of year giving opportunity to make a lasting change, to feed the hungry, and create a more stable and healthy future for children at risk.

    Come together as a family, group of friends, home group, workplace, or team, or give as an individual. Sponsor a specific country or make a general donation this holiday season, show you have an appetite for change, and make a difference this Christmas season.


    Give Today:

  • Food for Thought is a HOPE program located in Kelowna, BC. There are over 4,500 children in the central Okanagan who go to school hungry due to living in a food insecure home, often due to poverty. Without proper nutrition, students often experience low energy, are unable to concentrate, and often act out as a result.


    Food for Thought works to combat this issue by providing a free nutritious breakfast to over 1500 school-aged children a day across 30 schools located throughout Kelowna and the surrounding area.


    We're excited to announce that Food for Thought was recently selected to pitch as a finalist at the ChangeUP3 event presented by the Okanagan Changemakers, on November 2nd!


    “This year’s ChangeUP, Okanagan Changemakers’ third pitch competition, will feature six finalists who will present their ideas for tackling  some of our community’s most difficult challenges.  Through live voting, the audience selects the best social impact initiative in each category with cash and inkind services on the line.” -


    At the event, Food for Thought, along with other local entrepreneurs, will be pitching innovative solutions to social and environmental challenge. After which the audience will then vote to select which program they think will have the best impact.


    We invite everyone who is able and interested to attend the event and lend your support to this amazing HOPE program. You can purchase tickets for the event by clicking HERE


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$4,990 raised
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