MYANMAR - English Training Scholarships

Preparing students for higher education

HOPE agent, Divine Inheritance, has a historical presence in Southeast Asia spanning over 120 years of work with children and families.

English Training Scholarships specifically focuses on program graduates who need to increase their proficiency of the English language in order to advance and excel at a university level.

Since 2010, political reforms in Myanmar have opened the country up to international influences and renewed interest in English language education has increased dramatically. In many cases, students in university are required to study their subjects in English. It is a pragmatic choice, but students are also motivated to learn English in order to improve their prospects and employment opportunities.

English fluency is no longer considered a mere advantage but a necessity in order to compete for the new opportunities being created by economic and social progress. Improving our scholars’ command of the English language puts them in a better position to succeed.

A scholarship of $2500 CAD covers one year of study for a student.


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