PHILIPPINES - Smart Rescue Program

Saving at-risk children through education and literacy

The Smart Rescue Program targets children in the armed conflict regions of Mindanao who are at high risk of child soldier recruitment, sex trafficking, and forced physical labor.

Filipino families value education highly, especially the marginalized and impoverished who realize that the road to a better future begins with education. 

In addition to a formal high school education, our holistic solutions-based program

  • provides a nurturing environment
  • teaches practical and life skills
  • trains in peace building, conflict prevention and resolution
  • conducts leadership development sessions
  • attends to psycho-social needs of the child

In the 2015-2016 inaugural year of the Smart Rescue Program, 40 children enrolled (boys, age 12-19) and 100% qualified to advance grade levels, 9 with honors.

In the 2016-2017 year, 50 children enrolled, including all 40 returning plus 10 new students (girls age 12-19). 100% qualified to advance grade levels, 20 with honors.

All 50 have retuned for this 2017-2018 year plus 50 new students! Your support helps these students by providing

  • school tuition, uniforms, supplies and activity fees
  • food, health, hygiene, clothing and shoes
  • counseling, leadership development and social activities


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Project Updates

  • Lack of transportation, limited access to basic educational tools, basic and emergency medical care, and additional geographical challenges are all significant obstacles for children looking to attend school.


    Located deep in the marshlands of the Philippines you’ll find four “floating” communities comprised of approximately 400 families and 250-300 children who deal with these challenges each and every day. In order for the children to attend school they are required to navigate through the swampy marshland by motorboat.


    After significant discussions with school and community leaders in the area, they identified the need for a motor boat library as part of their outreach plan - to help educate preschool children, children attending school, and their parents. The mobile library boat is fully equipped with a robust variety of learning resources, and basic medical supplies to treat common ailments and to help prevent infection. Additionally, this boat will serve as one of the few options to respond to medical emergencies.


    The boat drivers are volunteers from the local government unit and will be comprised of educators and counsellors adding to the tremendous value of this project. Thanks to their training they are able to provide additional learning skills and psycho - social support. It is expected they can make two full rounds across the four communities each week.


    We are thankful for the generous support of our HOPE family who turned this community’s dream into a reality!


  • It's Back to School in The Philippines and our child soldier and tribal community benficiaries are excited to enroll in their new grade level. This is the fourth year of our child soldier scholars program. Funding support has enabled us to more than double the number of scholars since our inaugural class of 40 children. We have 100% re-enrollment and successful advancement to the next grade since inception; with nearly a quarter of our scholars moving up with honors, recognized in the top tier of class rankings. Our Just Education program for Indigenous People (IP) children takes compulsory classroom learning to the remote and mountainous areas of Agusan del Sur serving nearly 200 children up through grade 8.


    We are now looking to supply rain gear for 285 children to help these special students learn and thrive, and arrive at school dry!

  • HOPE agent, Divine Inheritance, operating in South East Asia has a new education project in the works and we’re excited to share it with you. The HOPE Floats project will benefit children and families living in the Mindanao community in the Philippines. When a team from Divine Inheritance visited the area, they learned that many of the children have to navigate marshlands by boat in order to get to school each day. The school was also looking to start a mobile library that would help educate preschool children, those attending school, and their parents.


    Divine Inheritance was able to provide boats to help the children commute to school, but the mobile library project has yet to be fully realized.


    HOPE’s goal is to raise funding for the HOPE Floats project.


    ABOUT THE PROJECT - The mobile library will serve 4 marshland communities comprised of approximately 400 families and 250-300 children. It will primarily provide a robust variety of learning resources for younger children, children attending school, and their parents who typically did not have access to education. It would also be stocked with basic medical supplies that help to treat common ailments, along with promoting healing and preventing infection. Additionally, it would serve as one of the few options to respond to medical emergencies; optimizing its already high utility.

    The boat drivers will be made up of volunteers from the local government and will consist of both counselors and educators who are able to provide support and additional learning skills. The boat will be able to make two complete rounds every week.


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