PHILIPPINES - Smart Rescue Program

Saving at-risk children through education and literacy

The Smart Rescue Program targets children in the armed conflict regions of Mindanao who are at high risk of child soldier recruitment, sex trafficking, and forced physical labor.

Filipino families value education highly, especially the marginalized and impoverished who realize that the road to a better future begins with education. 

In addition to a formal high school education, our holistic solutions-based program

  • provides a nurturing environment
  • teaches practical and life skills
  • trains in peace building, conflict prevention and resolution
  • conducts leadership development sessions
  • attends to psycho-social needs of the child

In the 2015-2016 inaugural year of the Smart Rescue Program, 40 children enrolled (boys, age 12-19) and 100% qualified to advance grade levels, 9 with honors.

In the 2016-2017 year, 50 children enrolled, including all 40 returning plus 10 new students (girls age 12-19). 100% qualified to advance grade levels, 20 with honors.

All 50 have retuned for this 2017-2018 year plus 50 new students! Your support helps these students by providing

  • school tuition, uniforms, supplies and activity fees
  • food, health, hygiene, clothing and shoes
  • counseling, leadership development and social activities


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