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Sustainable farm-based training center

Provision of Hope has teamed up with Voice in the Wilderness (VITW) to assist with sustainable development in Cd Valles, Mexico.

Most indigenous people in this area have a half acre of land in which they could grow vegetables on, but currently sits unused. VITW has purchased a 16 acre property with the vision of running a farm-based training center. The center will serve the local population by providing:

  • Organic agricultural training to equip people to begin farming on their own plots of land
  • Nutritional and medicinal plants
  • Bio-intensive gardening practices 
  • Animal husbandry
  • Skill training in tailoring, baking, and micro-enterprise
  • Dormitory accommodation for abandoned women and children to be able to live, be educated, and cared for in a safe community
  • Children's feeding programs

The goal for this farm-based training center is to increase its ability to be self-supporting and to fund their own feeding programs. The focus is to move toward organic and alternative farming methods and other forms of income generation as quickly as possible, specifically in the areas of bio-intensive vegetable production and animal husbandry.


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Project Updates

  • HOPE Agents in Mexico, Provision of Hope, have been very busy with the creation of a sustainable development in Cd Valles. With a lot of open land available, but sitting unused, the goal is to create a farm-based training center so locals can make sustainable use of their land.


    The center aims to teach gardening practices, plant nutrition and medical uses, organic agricultural training, along with education in baking and tailoring, while also providing safe housing for children and families, and children’s feeding programs for those in need.


    Most recently, moringa seeds were delivered to the site where they have already grown into tall plants. Compost and mulch beds have been prepped in order to increase their nutrient value over time. Key people have also undergone bio intensive organic courses and hands-on training under Carl Thompson, a volunteer and expert in organic farming.


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