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HOPE agent, i6eight, serves in Mexico through several community based programs.

Mejor Futuro (Better Future) Youth Center

Mejor Futuro provides a safe environment for young people to learn, grow and play. Many of the young people in the community face neglect and abuse. The Youth Center is designed to provide a safe place for kids to learn new things (music, drawing, English, computers, sports, etc.), as well as provide computers, internet and tutoring for kids to progress in their education. The Youth Center is run by mentors, teachers and coaches who prioritize building relationship with these kids.

Pan de Vida (Bread of Life) Ministry Center

Pan De Vida was initially built to meet the need of families passing through Puerto Penasco, who were needing a place to rest and receive a warm meal. The center was constructed with this purpose in mind.

In addition to this, the center now provides warm meals to children before their school day starts. By meeting the basic need of food, the center provides a place for the i6eight team to proclaim Good News and build relationships.

Building Homes

Beginning with a simple expression of love, i6eight provides families with a basic and secure home. A typical family living in the barrios of Mexico is undereducated and stuck in a poverty mindset. There is a lack of dignity that accompanies poverty, making it difficult to overcome. Through a continued relationship, the i6eight team faithfully serves the families of the barrios with the Gospel message.

Leadership Training

The ministry created through i6eight provides employment and volunteer opportunities for members of the San Rafael community. These opportunities are the avenue in which i6eight leaders train, disciple, inspire, equip and encourage individuals. i6eight is based on a relational model, working hard to create opportunities to “be in” people’s daily lives.


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$5,050 raised
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