Ambassador of HOPE - Nadine Willis

Advocating for children at risk

My name is Nadine Willis and I am an Ambassador of Hope.

I spend my days enjoying life with my 6 children and husband Brent. I do everything from raise our 6 kids and preparing meals to meeting with people in my community who want to help children around the world.

Helping children at risk is what I am passionate about and it only takes a moment or two of speaking with me until you hear about what exciting plans are in process for helping children receive a future and a hope. In working with HOPE, I am able to learn from amazing people who are all working together to restore childhoods and raising leaders for the future.

I am amazed that I can help to bring awareness about the plight of the child at risk to people in my community here in British Columbia, Canada. Through sharing stories and names I can touch the lives of many in distant countries.

My passion is really the children themselves and the love I have for them is what drives me to step out of my comfort zone to do things I've never done and go places I've never been. I want to dream big because I know One that loves them more than I, and when I'm silent I hear His heart beating and broken for those ones that can't help themselves alone.

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