Ambassadors of HOPE - Ed & Evelyn Henkel

Raising funds and awareness through the collection of cans & bottles

$1,000 raised

"My wife and I are delighted to be Ambassadors of HOPE!"

In my city of Kelowna, BC, I am called THE CAN MAN.

What do we do? We collect and sell pop cans and bottles.

As 'senior citizens', here's how we got started: 

In 2009 Evelyn and I wanted to come alongside of Hope for the Nations in raising funds for New Hope Center and bring awareness for the needs of orphans in Swaziland. Our daughter Della, husband Dave and grandkids, Simon and Paige, went to the Orphanage in Jan '08 to volunteer for two weeks.

When they arrived back home in Toronto they shared their experiences with us. Because of their encounters shared, we started sponsoring Seth - a boy at the orphanage. In 2009 we wanted to do more for New Hope Center. We started collecting cans and bottles and asked others to do the same so that all the returned money could go to these orphans in need. We raised approximately $3000.

In 2010 we collected 87,340 cans & bottles worth $6,176.85. We surpassed our goal of $6,000!

In 2012 we collected over 125,000 items worth $10,000.

"Our network of people collecting cans and bottles keeps growing and we are looking forward to what can be achieved in the future! "

Today, this fund raising initiative is still going strong with a team of volunteers who operate out of the Trinity Church parking lot. You can find the Can Man truck parked there if you'd like to drop off cans & bottles. On average, the team collects 15-20 bags each week and raises between $300-500 dollars/week which goes toward children at risk in various HOPE programs! Thank you Ed and Team for your faithful contribution!

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$1,000 raised
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