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HOPE agent Out of the Ashes works in Kitale, Kenya, providing free medical care, training, and couseling services to those in need. 

Out of the Ashes began in 2009 by treating minor cuts, abrasions and burns for those living on the streets. The demand for medical care continued to increase and in 2011 a small shack was rented to offer additional services. Over the years the clinic has evolved into a modern setting with three Kenyans on staff and diverse volunteers. The clinic treats approximately 800 patients each month. The staff also provide regular medical outreaches into remote areas where there are no doctors or clinics available.

We are currently raising funds

  • to build a new clinic that will meet the medical needs of the community better than the exisiting rented space
  • to purchase a mobile clinic vehicle to service those living in remote areas

By bringing people to full health, they become enabled to contribute to the welfare of their own families and communities.


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Project Updates

  • Last month, Leah Jones, the Compliance Officer, at the HOPE head office, took a trip to Kenya to visit with some of our agents and see first-hand some of the amazing projects that are being undertaken. While the trip was off to a rocky start with some missing luggage detouring to Paris, Leah still came back with stories and pictures and we wanted to share some of her experience . . .

    What made you want to take a trip to Kenya?

    I’ve been interested in visiting projects since I first started volunteering in the HOPE office four years ago. I spent a lot of time traveling and experiencing other cultures in my twenties and I always had a feeling it would remain part of my life. When Patricia (HOPE Executive Director) said she wanted me to go to Kenya, I jumped at the opportunity.


    What were your goals for the visit?

    My main goal was relationship building with our HOPE family on the ground and gaining a first hand understanding of day to day operations. I went to listen to them share success stories, challenges, project needs, and to take some photos along the way.


    I understand the trip wasn’t without its challenges?

    My bag got delayed in Paris and was returned to me two weeks later! I picked it up a few hours before flying out of Kenya and went home with a bag full of clean clothes. Very grateful for those who gave me some helpful items along the way!


    Which HOPE agents did you visit?

    I started in Nairobi visiting Hope & Bright Future Center and Hope Gateway Education Center. From there I traveled to Kitale to spend time with Bethlehem Children’s Care Center and Out of the Ashes. I did an overnight trip to Bungoma to visit Hope Transformation Center and then ended in Mombasa at Akae Dwelling.


    What stories did you hear while there?

    Lots! Hoping to highlight some of them in months to come.


    What was travel like within Kenya?

    There’s always traffic in the city, and a lot of speed bumps on the country highways. Most of my travel was by car or plane, but my favorite was going by piki (motorcycle taxi) in Mombasa.


    Did you learn anything new while there?

    I was surprised to learn how long I could go with just the contents of my carry-on purse. (But I will definitely be packing dry shampoo in my next carry-on!)


    What was the highlight of the trip?

    The best part for me was many of the conversations I had with members of our HOPE family. It was so nice to build friendships with the people I regularly email from the office.


    Will you go back?

    Yes! And I’ve been told by all of our agents that I need to stay longer next time!


    Look for more stories from projects that Leah visited over the coming months!


  • We’d like to introduce you to one of our new HOPE agents operating in Kitale, Kenya. ‘Out of the Ashes’ provides free medical care, training, and counseling services to those in need.


    Kitale, Kenya has a poverty rate of 60%; in some areas it can climb as high as 90%. While many people try to create a sustainable income through farming, the land has been subdivided to the point where it’s next to impossible for many residents who now find themselves with so little land that they’re not able to escape the cycle of poverty.


    Launching in 2009, Out of the Ashes started out by treating minor cuts, abrasions, and burns for those living on the streets of Kitale. With the continuing demand for medical care, the organization expanded in 2011, renting a small shack in order to offer additional services.


    Since that time, the clinic has continued to evolved, taking on a more modern setting and now has three Kenyans on staff along with a group of diverse volunteers. The clinic now treats approximately 800 patients per month, and has created a positive impact on the health and wellness of the community.


    The staff are also able to provide regularly scheduled medical outreaches to remote areas to care for people who don’t have access to doctors or local clinics.


    We are currently raising funds for Out of the Ashes to support:


    - the construction of a new clinic that will meet the medical needs of the community better than the existing rented space

    - the purchase of a mobile clinic vehicle to service those living in remote areas

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$250 raised
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