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Nepal has faced more than a decade of conflict, leaving behind many widows and orphans. Most people live on less than one US dollar a day. Child labor is high and most child laborers do not receive access to education. 

Hope Children's Home began in 1994 with the goal to raise Nepalese children in a loving and caring environment, who will grow up to be adults who contribute to the well-being of their country. When children come into the home, our staff desire to help them feel like they are coming into one large family.

All of the children are enrolled in school. Our home is dedicated to assisting each child in their personal development and academic progress.


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  • A former resident of the Hope Children’s Home in Nepal, Binita Karki is hoping to bring about change in her community by opening her own garment company. Utilizing a micro-loan, Binita aims to open her own garment factory to employ women from marginalized societies so they can earn a proper wage, while providing high quality affordable clothing. This is her story . . .


    “I am Binita Karki from Hetauda, Makwanpur. I am a single mother living with my 6 years old son. I was born in the small village of Bhaise, Hetauda which is about 90 km away from Kathmandu Valley. My father died when I was 5 years old and thereafter I was brought to my aunt’s house in Kathmandu. In 1994, my aunt brought me to Hope Children’s Home (HCH) when I was 9 years old and I grew up there with other children and started attending school. I completed my 10th standard in 2003 from Campion Academy. I stayed at HCH for 9 years before heading back to my aunt’s house. Currently, I am continuing my educational career at Patan Multiple Campus.


    While I was working as Office Manager for a Jewelry Company, I became close with the workers who were from very poor families and some were rescued from brothels and cabin restaurants. I felt very sad about the situation they had to face due to their poverty. Nepal being a developing country, many people belong to low income groups who can’t afford basic needs to sustain their living. As I have seen the problems face to face in my daily life, that their earnings can hardly afford their basic needs such as fooding, clothing, and proper shelter, I dreamt of establishing a garment factory. Somewhere I can employ these people from marginalized societies and provide quality clothing at a reasonable price so that poor families can also afford clothing.


    I have also observed during my visit to different places out of the Kathmandu Valley that many people come to the market from great distances, from surrounding village areas. I am planning to take the market to their doorstep so they don’t have to go to the distant markets for shopping. This will help give the people a better and convenient way of shopping as well as saving time and money.”


    We look forward to supporting Binita throughout her new venture and watching the change she creates in her community!

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$2,575 raised
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