MEXICO - Nana's House

Providing a secure home for children at risk in Tepic, Mexico

$38,221 raised

HOPE works with Heart4Mexico in Tepic, Mexico to support a children's home, Nana's House. Here, the need for safe and secure housing for children is critical. Our goal is to get children off the street and into school. 

Nana's House is home to many wounded children who are being raised by people who love and respect them. Many lives have been transformed since the home began in 2008. We are seeing children who would have been stuck in abuse and poverty now studying at university. 

After years of renting spaces, land has been donated large enough to construct two buildings that will become a permanent location for a boy's and girl's home. 

HOPE is raising funds to assist with the ongoing operational needs for the children, as well as the construction of the two new homes.

You can learn more about Nanas Casa here.


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Project Updates

  • Take a look at this encouraging update from Nana's Casa.

  • Hope for the Nations is honored to be working with Heart4Mexico at Nanas Casa. There are a lot of exciting things happening, watch this short video to get a better idea of the work that they are up to!

  • Heart4Mexico - Nana’s House is excited to be working with Hope for the Nations.

    We are a home to children who have been abandoned and severely abused.

    Our goal is to break the chains of abuse and poverty by educating children and young adults to have hope for a better future.

    We have five girls in university this year and 7 teens studying tech careers in high school.

    Nana’s House also has a small school program for children like Noé, who was born in the local prison. There is a law in our state of Nayarit, that if a child is born in prison he can live with his mother for the first six years. Noé was taken from his mother at six and left with his aunt, who was very abusive. Child protective services brought him to Nana’s House when he was 8 and he had no idea how to read and write. We are happy to say that today he is learning and doing very well.

    Nana’s House is a home where hope can be born and healing can begin.

    We have been given property and are in the middle of building a girl’s home.

    Our biggest need right now is to put on the roof and finish the house so we can move the girls into their new home. Once complete, we will begin building the boy’s home.

    Building these homes will bring the costs of living down and create a refuge for many children who need protection.

  • The building of the girl’s home is coming along. It really is a faith venture to see these houses built and see this ministry flourish.

    Please keep praying for the construction of both the girl’s and boy's home. We also want to build a multi-purpose building on the property so we can run a school for low-income children.

    This project is big and will help so many people. Please consider partnering with us.

  • Sam

    Sam lived most of his life in the federal prison where he was born. There is a law here in Mexico that if a baby is born to an inmate in prison, the baby can live with the mother for the first six years of his life. Considering our federal prison is one of the worst prisons in Mexico, I hate the law that allows children to be raised in such a horrible place.

    At six years old he was sent to live with an Aunt who beat him and tied him up because he is hyper active and needs structure which was never offered to him. The poor child was just trying to adjust to life outside of prison and the shock of losing the closeness of his mother. He was well known in his neighborhood as an out of control, very bad child. They left him tied up to control him until they brought him to us.

    Child Protective Services took him from his Aunt and brought him to Nana’s House. I’m happy to say he is doing well. He is hyper, but we are channeling all that creative energy into positive things like playing sports and learning to read and write. He’s a handful no doubt, but he’s a good kid and we love him.

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$38,221 raised
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