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The mountains of the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo form a natural boundary separating the Uvira region from the rest of the country. Tutsi refugees fleeing conflict zones gathered in Uvira with few supplies and no access to education. Because of on-going war in other parts of the country, the government has had difficulty meeting the challenges that people in this region face. It is, in reality, a forgotten place as far as the government is concerned.

Ecole Shalom was established in 2003 primarily as an education center. It has housed a successful sewing program, which has seen over 250 widows and young girls trained in sewing and tailoring and move on to support their families. In addition, a primary and secondary school was established, with enrolment of more than 750 students from grade 1-12, many of which are orphans. The primary school has had the distinction of gaining a 100% pass rate from primary to secondary level for 9 years running. Ongoing training is provided for resident teachers as well as teachers from surrounding schools in the district.

Your donation to Ecole Shalom provides children in this remote area access to education and expands their opportunities for the future.


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  • There is much to be proud of at Ecole Shalom. The teachers and children are flourishing. View video update here.



  • An update from HOPE agent, Ray Bale on Ecole Shalom -  

    Ecole Shalom has just reopened for the new school year. Again, we were blessed to see that we had attained a 100% pass rate for our students from primary into secondary school (89 out of 89 students). This is the 9th year running that this has been accomplished which is a testimony to the teachers, staff and pupils.

  • An update from HOPE agents, Ray and Mary Anne Bale, on Ecole Shalom:

    The school continues to thrive and both staff and students (over 900) are working hard. David Freeman recently visited, equipping the primary and secondary teachers with Christian principles of education. We are working toward the establishment of a new nursery school on the Najenga property by September. The goal is to train staff and utilize resources from Ecole Shalom.

    Our students in Ecole Shalom are preparing for their exams, as well as the students in Ecole Emmanuel (part of Emmanuel Centre). Please pray for them as well as the teachers and facilitators. Things are very fragile in Congo at the moment, and as I write this, a country-wide manifestation is underway against a proposed third term mandate for the President of Congo. Many people have already been killed and there is the fear that now Congo will fall into the same condition as Burundi. We are trusting that our students will be able to complete their exams and that the country can move forward in peace toward the November elections.

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$100 raised


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