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The Sinai slum in Kenya hosts a population of over 200,000 men, women and children. With a population of squatters, there are no public schools available. There are a few private schools in the slum but most families cannot afford the school fees.

Hope Gateway Education Center is located in the center of Sinai slum and is run by our agent who is committed to providing education for the children in their community. Life outside the walls of this school is desperate and dirty, but inside, life is peaceful and productive.

The school began in 2005 with kindergarten and grades 1 - 2. Today, there are over 200 children at the school with classes from nursery to grade 5! Each child receives 2 meals a day at the school, instruction and a school uniform. Students at the school are not required to pay any fees. The curriculum is approved by the Kenyan government and the children write state exams at the end of each school year. Thanks to their hard work and excellent teachers, the students' achievements have been great!

And the impact of Hope Gateway Education Center is not limited to the students; the school has also had a positive effect on the lives of the students' families and community - creating employment, opportunities and hope.


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Project Updates


    Thanks to an incredible supporter of Hope Gateway school, they now have a library.

    What a treasure!


    "Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope" Kofi Annan




    As part of the Sustainable Development Challenge, a group of grade 11 students from Kelowna, BC, found a solution for the Hope Gateway School in Nairobi, Kenya. Their overall objective was to help the school gain access to safely managed drinking water.


    The school had no running water. They purchased water at the market and carried it back to the school. Sometimes this involved a 2-3 km walk. The water was often expensive and unclean.


    Angelee, Melanie and Julia designed a dual water system that comprised of rooftop rainwater harvesting and piping that transports city water to the school. Their plan provided filtered water, holding containers and piping materials. Their system was a realistic solution to a desperate problem.


    As a result of their fundraiser, and winning the Sustainable Development Challenge award, the school now has safe, clean water pumped to a holding tank in the school. 


    What a gift this amazing team of young women gave to the young women and men of the next generation in Nairobi by giving them the opportunity to flourish with access to clean water. 

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$19,190 raised


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