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HOPE agent, Hope Transformation Center, was established in Bungoma with the aim of improving the welfare of community members through various community development activities. 

The main purpose of this group is to empower community members economically and develop their capacity so that they can sustain development projects. 

Hope Transformation Center uplifts the general welfare of its members through skill development and empowerment.

Objectives include:

  • Providing practical and quality training in organic farming and how to market for products.
  • Making loans and advances available to organic farmers in the community.
  • Engaging in business activities that will create sustainability in the community.
  • Developing members’ skills to equip, inspire and empower them for business ventures.
  • Providing leadership for business ventures among the group members and in the community.

Projects include:

  • Organic farming
  • Fish farming
  • Tree nursery
  • Tree planting
  • Loan and savings
  • Cereal banking
  • Poultry farming
  • Dairy farming
  • Banana farming
  • Sanitation and pest control
  • Bee keeping
  • Agri-business enterprise
  • Children's Home and ministry for street children
  • Medical Camps


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Project Updates

  • HOPE agent, The Hope Transformation Centre in Mukwa, located in the Bungoma region in Kenya runs a widow rescue program in the local community. Their goal has always been to feed and house widows in need, but recent events are presenting some unexpected challenges and they need your help.


    To provide some perspective, here are excerpts from the most recent report:


    “We have finally buried Fanis one of the widows that we have supported for quite long. Fanis was among the average aged widows that are on the support. She was the first widow to be built a house and be given a goat. Fanis has been staying with 4 children but 3 weeks ago 3 children left to be somewhere else because their house was very cold, with water coming out of the ground due to prolonged heavy rains. She remained with one child aged 9 years. On the 9th of June, they slept well but never woke up. It rained so heavily that night. One side of the wall of her house collapsed and fell on them, killing them instantly. She has left behind 4 children and 5 grandchildren. This family is in need of a house.”


    The prolonged heavy rain in Kenya has caused a lot havoc. We have 5 other widows in Mukwa whose houses have also come down. We also have 11 pit latrines that have sunk or fallen, and therefore there is a great need for the toilets. We have 15 widows that have no beds, they spread their bedding out on the wet floors. Life has become a burden for these widows. We can save some before another tragedy strikes. Yesterday i was talking to a young man from the Kenya Red Cross and he promised me that once I have materials, he will mobilize some young folks to come and build for the widows, just for one week and the work will be over.”


  • Last month, Leah Jones, the Compliance Officer, at the HOPE head office, took a trip to Kenya to visit with some of our agents and see first-hand some of the amazing projects that are being undertaken. While the trip was off to a rocky start with some missing luggage detouring to Paris, Leah still came back with stories and pictures and we wanted to share some of her experience . . .

    What made you want to take a trip to Kenya?

    I’ve been interested in visiting projects since I first started volunteering in the HOPE office four years ago. I spent a lot of time traveling and experiencing other cultures in my twenties and I always had a feeling it would remain part of my life. When Patricia (HOPE Executive Director) said she wanted me to go to Kenya, I jumped at the opportunity.


    What were your goals for the visit?

    My main goal was relationship building with our HOPE family on the ground and gaining a first hand understanding of day to day operations. I went to listen to them share success stories, challenges, project needs, and to take some photos along the way.


    I understand the trip wasn’t without its challenges?

    My bag got delayed in Paris and was returned to me two weeks later! I picked it up a few hours before flying out of Kenya and went home with a bag full of clean clothes. Very grateful for those who gave me some helpful items along the way!


    Which HOPE agents did you visit?

    I started in Nairobi visiting Hope & Bright Future Center and Hope Gateway Education Center. From there I traveled to Kitale to spend time with Bethlehem Children’s Care Center and Out of the Ashes. I did an overnight trip to Bungoma to visit Hope Transformation Center and then ended in Mombasa at Akae Dwelling.


    What stories did you hear while there?

    Lots! Hoping to highlight some of them in months to come.


    What was travel like within Kenya?

    There’s always traffic in the city, and a lot of speed bumps on the country highways. Most of my travel was by car or plane, but my favorite was going by piki (motorcycle taxi) in Mombasa.


    Did you learn anything new while there?

    I was surprised to learn how long I could go with just the contents of my carry-on purse. (But I will definitely be packing dry shampoo in my next carry-on!)


    What was the highlight of the trip?

    The best part for me was many of the conversations I had with members of our HOPE family. It was so nice to build friendships with the people I regularly email from the office.


    Will you go back?

    Yes! And I’ve been told by all of our agents that I need to stay longer next time!


    Look for more stories from projects that Leah visited over the coming months!


  • HOPE Transformation Center in Bungoma, Kenya runs a few medical camps each year for the 'poorest of the poor' in the community.

    Most beneficiaries of our medical camps are young ladies, elderly women and children.

    In the last 3 medical camps we have attended to 181 people as follows;

    Case/problem:   No. of patients: Treated: Referred to hospital

    Severe malaria           9                  6             2

    Malaria                        67                67          2

    Respiratory tract infections 23        23          3

    Cellulitis                      4                  4             0

    Listeria                        3                  3             0

    Soft tissue injury         3                  3             0

    Fungal infections        4                  3             0

    Jungiasis (Jiggers)     15                15           0

    PTT                             5                  5            0

    Urinalysis                    3                  3            1

    Tissue injury plus Allergy 5             5            2

    UTI -                            2                  2            0

    RS/CVS                      4                  4             0

    Amoebas                     4                 4             4

    Typhoid                        3                 2             3

    RBS                             6                 6             1

    Brucellosis                   3                 3             3

    URTI                            5                 5             1

    GIT/GUT/NAD             2                 2              2

    Askaris Worms – ABZ 4                 4              0

    Ear infections               2                 0              2

    Eye infection                3                 1              3

    Chronic wound             2                 2              1

    TOTAL                          181           172           28


  • Hope Transformation Centre is a community based Group which was established with the aim of improving the welfare of community members through various community development activities. 

    The main purpose of this group is to empower community members economically and develop their capacity so that they can sustain the development projects. 

    The group aims at uplifting the general welfare of its members by developing community member’s skills, equip, inspire and empower them for community development and business ventures

    We are focusing a lot on the children and the youth. They seem to be catching up with the concept of transformation quicker.

    Most of the young people are excited because the vision speaks in their future.

  • This is palm oil local production mechanisms. The region of Western Kenya produces a high volume of quality palm oil.

    Through micro-enterprise, the HTC will buy an electrical machine for palm oil production and this will be a great business venture.

    This production will serve to empower, encourage and provide income for the individuals of the HOPE coop.

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$10,096 raised


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