LIBERIA - Monrovia: Discipleship Training Center

To train college and university students

This residence is for our college and university students. This is a transitional house where we are getting them ready to graduate to life on their own. It's called a Discipleship Centre because this is where they are trained as disciplined leaders with a focus on Social Justice.

Liberia is on the threshold of new economic growth and we look forward to working with our students as they step into new opportunities.

Our upcoming graduates are attending different universities and colleges, studying for degrees in business administration, medicine, economics, agriculture and a variety of technical trades. They will begin to graduate in 2010.

In this training center we also teach the boys to reach out to the disadvantaged in our community contributing to the needy. We run several mercy ministries from this center, which the boys are in charge of. We are partners with YWAM and have their leaders come to run discipleship classes with our students. Other times we run small business schools to teach them life lessons on practical financing. We have over 55 students ages 17 to 25 who benefit from these training sessions.

These young leaders will make an impact on all of Liberia. They are our champions!

Mercy Ministries:
Malcolm Harris, our Youth Director, and the students who live in our Discipleship Training Center are continually reaching out to the poor and needy in our community of New Matadi.

Their work reaches a large range of people. Some days they are helping the sick to hospital, other days they are transporting refugees home and resettling them. Our students are fully responsible for our widow's rice distribution every Saturday. In this way we are training them to look beyond themselves and the fact that they have been victims of war. We are raising them to be leaders who have compassion and mercy.

Our partner organization, Provision of Hope/ Karen Barkman,  is dedicated to serving the poor in Liberia, West Africa. [Click here to learn more about our partner]

Project Updates

  • Dear Friends of our Students in Liberia,

    First I want to thank everyone who has a heart for our boys in Liberia, and who have so generously given to our work there! Without you we could not possibly do this.

    You are making a difference in the lives of these young men! We are seeing these young students mature and develop into fine young men. Most definitely the discipling and training they are receiving at My Father's House is worth all the effort our leaders are putting forth.

    We believe that in training our Liberian youth we are raising up leaders that will impact this nation in the years to come.

    Ever since Sumo Gibson searched and found his mother we have many of our boys asking too if they can go to find their mothers. See his story Son Finds Mother after years of Separation . As you know, most of our boys were taken at early ages to orphanages or given to others to raise, simply because their parents or relatives were too poor to provide. In several cases, and probably most cases, their parents were killed in the war. I know these boys are going home to places of extreme poverty, and each has been asking if they could bring along something for their mothers or grandmothers. We could allow them to take a bag of rice, or a lapa.

    Before we can even consider going ahead with this, we would need to raise the funds. Each boy would need approximately $75 to do this.

    We made a list of the boys who would be allowed to go. These are boys who have already found relatives, or friends of their family who know where their family members are living. We do not want to go out on a wild goose chase, but rather with planned strategy. These are the 13 students who would be allowed to go first: Jackson Gbour, Patrick Goh, Randall Doegmah, Uriah Marcus, Francis Darlieh, Michael Gbahn, Dominic Roberts, Timothy Nurson, Reuben Gea, Lougon Wonbiah, Joseph Sackie, and James Kollie. I am sure others will also be asking, but these are among those who have not seen their mothers in years. They are very anxious to see their relatives.

    If you or anyone you know of would want to help with this project we would be grateful! ~ Karen

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