LIBERIA - Monrovia: Micro Loans Program

To encourage families of Monrovia to support themselves and their children


Micro loans are small business loans that are given to families or individuals to enable them to  support themselves and their children. We encourage them to start small with loans ranging from $200 to $500 depending on the business type.  They first must demonstrate that they have the necessary business skills, to be successful on a small scale, before we will trust them with more.  These are interest-free loans given to individuals who first go through a screening process with our financial board in Liberia.  

We believe strongly that "hand-outs" are not the answer to systemic poverty.  We believe the solution is to mentor, teach and train the people of Liberia to provide for themselves and for one another.  We give preferrence to families that are taking care of orphaned children.

Some of these people travel to Guinea, Ivory Coast, or Togo to buy goods to sell at the markets in Liberia. Others are nurses or pharmacists that have started small pharmacies in remote areas.  Some have started businesses in selling food products, oil, coal, gas, or clothing.    

We are pleased with our current percentage of loans paid back and plan to expand this area as funding becomes available.   

Our partner organization, Provision of Hope/Karen Barkman,  is dedicated to serving the poor in Liberia, West Africa. [Click here to learn more about our partner] 

Project Updates

  • There is nothing that brings us more joy than seeing lives transformed.

    Mama Frances met HOPE when she was broken and desperate. She managed to save enough money to start a small cooking business. Provision of Hope empowered Frances so that she could buy more cooking items, like cassava, plantain, chicken and fish for her soups along with rice. Her business is booming.

    Provision of Hope loves to rescue single mothers, to help them and their children. In this case, if we can help mama make it, we will save her beautiful girls too. Education gives the girls a choice. They can be who they were created to be.

  • Provision of Hope met Pauline Smith on the side of the road in Liberia, selling oranges to make a way for herself in the world following the death of her parents. Pauline was filled with resilience and her potential was recognized by Provision of Hope, who funded her schooling and encouraged sustainable means by providing a micro loan to her for a small business. Now, five years later, Pauline is about to graduate from grade 12 and has high hopes of attending nursing school this upcoming fall. In her nation of Liberia, Pauline remains one of the few who has had the opportunity to receive an education. Through individual empowerment and gender equality, Provision of Hope promotes the United Nations' Milleniuim Development Goals and seeks to make a difference in Africa, one success story at a time! For more success stories and positive praises, please continue to follow Provision of Hope news.

  • Presently we have 72 Single mothers that are part of our Single Mothers Empowerment Program on the camp!

    As funds come in we empower more with small micro loans. The women say the small business loans are really helping them! We start them off with 200 – 300 dollars.  We have many more single mothers on a long waiting list . Every day they are asking when their turn will come. Our answer is always the same… “we hope very soon”

    If anyone would like to help single mothers feed and clothe their children, this is a great way to help. Some have even managed to put their children to school. That’s remarkable on a refugee camp where rice is priced very high and they must pay for a small convenience like bathing water.  Every day the women ask when their turn will come.  Our answer is always the same....."we hope very soon."

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