LIBERIA - Monrovia: Monrovia Hope Homes

Providing aid to the orphaned children of Liberia

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This project runs 4 Hope Homes with over 60 children.

These are homes where orphaned children are given assistance with food, medical care, clothing and education.  These children have all been traumatized by the effects of the civil war, but today they are loved and cared for in healthy families. 

We come alongside the vision of the house parents and we contribute a monthly portion of their budget. They carry the vision and responsibility for their own households. We give small business loans to these families to help them get established and provide for their own needs.  

Our partner organization, Provision of Hope, Karen Barkman, is dedicated to serving the poor in Liberia, West Africa. [Click here to learn more about our partner]  

Project Updates

  • PROVISION OF HOPE, LIBERIA, is just finishing the last stage of the BUILDING PROJECT for Dapae and Rita, and their 10 children.
    This Hope Home houses 8 “Children at Risk” who came to live with Dapae and Rita after they resettled back to Liberia.
    We first met them in the Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana. Today they are house parents of many lovely children.
    They are most amazing parents!

    We are excited to report that we are at the final stages of construction for this 4 Bedroom Home.

    We have the electrical ($1,000) and ceiling ($1,200) to finish. After that we will proceed with the painting of the walls inside and out.
    The interior is already looking really good! When the construction is completed we will be ready to add furniture.

    They need a big dining room table with chairs ($225), 3 children’s bunk beds ($200 each)
    6 mattresses for the bunk beds ($50 each) a double bed for Dapae and Rita ($200)
    kitchen cupboards ($225) a kitchen table ($50) cupboards for the children’s clothes ($150) and some bedding ($100)

    If you would like to donate to the completion of this home, please do it now!


  • In February Ma Esther took us to see the land we are purchasing to begin the building of a new house for her and these precious children.The building site is in a quiet community near a good school. We are buying several lots so we can grow crops and do some gardening to help sustain these children.

    We are ready to clear the land and start the building project!

    CLICK DONATE now to be a part of this exciting project!

  • FLORENCE IS SUCH A WONDERFUL MOTHER. She was so blessed to have a mattress to sleep on that she could not stop thanking Sylvester for bringing us to her place.

    Sylvester has put in an application for a micro loan to run a CHARCOAL BUSINESS. Florence has already offered to sell for him while Sylvester attends college. She said, I have nothing to do all day, I would like to do that for you for helping me to get a mattress. Can you imagine sleeping on the floor?

    We want to give Sylvester Coleman a micro loan of 500 USD. He can then split the profits with Florence. Sylvester can go to the bush to get the coal. This will help them all to eat every day. MICRO LOANS ARE HELPING THE PEOPLE OF LIBERIA TO MAKE A WAY FOR THEMSELVES.

  • WIDOW FLORENCE FAHNBULLEH is pleading with us every day, “PLEASE WILL YOU PUT MY CHILDREN TO SCHOOL!!” I said we would try.

    Since her husband’s death, Florence has been struggling even to feed her children.

    On our last visit to Liberia, Sylvester Coleman, one of our college students, took us to her room. They had very little in their room, and no mattresses. They needed blankets and pillows too. Many times the children would get sick because of the cold floor. Florence and her children live in the same house as Sylvester and John Barclay, who are both going to college because of sponsors in North America. In Liberia many rent one room, and that is their home.

    In this photo we have 3 children who would like to go to school, if only they had school fees. Theresa K. Borlah is 10 yrs. old and in Gr. 5 Florence K. Fahnbulleh is 8 yrs. old and in Gr. 2. George B. Fahnbulleh is 7 yrs. old and in Gr. 1. They are hoping every day that there will be funds for them. They keep asking.  $50 per month would be enough for all three to go for one year. Perhaps you can help!

  • Pastor Jimmy and his wife Mercy are the parents of this Hope Home. They have a house full of beautiful children. You should hear them sing! They are happy children with wonderful parents.

    This year we have 17 children to put to school. Each child needs 100 dollars for registration, black shoes, a uniform, a book bag and copy books. We are looking for people who would care to help. 15 dollars can buy a pair of black shoes. 10 dollars can buy a uniform. 7 dollars will buy a book bag. 5 dollars can buy copy books and pens. Can you help us get these children to school? Choose one.

    We are also looking for people who would donate towards a MICRO LOAN for this household. If Mercy, the mother of the house, could get a small loan she could start a business with the older girls. They could sell items of clothing, or dry goods to generate some income. Jimmy has carpentry skills and is always doing odd jobs here and there to help with their needs.

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$30 raised


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