LIBERIA - Monrovia: Widow Program

To care for the needy widows of Monrovia

Hope for the Nations and Provision of Hope now have  over 200 widows registered in this program.

They meet in 2 different centers for the distribution of rice. We help with their medical needs too.  The students at our Discipleship Training Center run this program.

The widows of Liberia have urgent needs. They are elderly and cannot bring in any income. They need caretakers. The ones on our program have no one to attend to their needs. When they meet, they are always encouraged and inspired to continue strong.

They live in their own dwellings.  We hope to increase their provisions and to provide mattresses for them. 

Our partner organization, Provision of Hope, Karen Barkman,  is dedicated to serving the poor in Liberia, West Africa. [Click here to learn more about our partner]  


Project Updates

  • LIBERIA, MONROVIA:  HOW EXCITING FOR OUR WIDOWS to be able to  SEE with clearer vision. They are so happy!First they had their eyes tested to see which prescription they needed …. then for the shopping!!!

    These glasses were all donated by a group of friends in Texas.  Thank you Elaine Caudle.  

  • ELAINE Caudle, an RN from Texas has offered to work with Pastor Paul in expanding our work with the widows. This month we started to add salt, oil, and soap to their portions! You cannot come and watch our widows worship & pray and not be moved.
    These widows have suffered much through the wars. They are women strong in faith and courage. “Pastor Paul, thank you for starting this tremendous work, in honor of your late mother.”

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