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Community Based Care


Hope Village is a ministry of Hope for the Nations situated on 13 hectares of land in the south of Malawi in a region called Chikhwawa.

Our team is made up of 22 Malawian staff members and 5 full-time international staff.

Our vision is to reveal the kingdom of God to the people of Malawi through words and actions, to bring hope to the hopeless and to love outrageously.

Our Values

  • Relationship building
  • Prayer, worship and the Word of God
  • Family focused
  • Culturally relevant
  • Empowering Malawians
  • Taking care of the environment

Our Activities

  • Baby Ministry - including a baby feeding program and mother & baby support programs
  • Child Care
  • Clinic
  • Organic Farming
  • Job Skills & Training
  • Village Outreach - including family support and pastoral care


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Project Updates

  • The local community of Kalima Village in Chikwawa live miles away from the nearest medical clinic. In June, 2018, we were able to visit this village, with two amazing trainee doctors, Derek and Chris. 

    These doctors spread joy wherever they went. They helped to run clinics for dental-care health education, eye care, malaria testing, wound dressing and other treatments.

  • Hope Village assesses the needs of vulnerable disabled children and responds with intervention plans to improve quality of life and provide education opportunities. Meet Moses:

    Moses is a happy 13 year old boy who lives with his grandparents. He has epilepsy and suffered physical disabilities brought on by meningitis when he was a baby. 

    When we came across Moses, he was living in very poor conditions and lived very far from Hope Village. He wasn't going to school or receiving any support. He was malnourished and could barely put a sentence together and lacked basic social skills. We identified that the grandparents, due to their age, found it difficult to spend time teaching him, nor did they understand his conditions. We moved the family into a bigger and more comfortable house close to Hope Village so we could check up on them daily. The family now receives food from our Family Support Program such as beans, eggs, soya, dried fish, goat meat and fresh vegetables from our own farm. We enrolled Moses into a school where he receives specialised education relevant to his needs.

    Moses is doing very well. He speaks a lot more and can communicate what he wants to say. He has learned to say "please" and "thank you" and is able to follow instructions and can count.

    We recently built a sensory room at Hope Village so that children like Moses have a specialised soft play area where they can learn and play safely.

  • We’ve been hearing some inspiring and wonderful stories coming from Hope Village in Malawi! We wanted to share just a couple with you and ask for some assistance to ensure the ongoing quality of care and nurturing for the children at the local children’s home.



    The older children from the Children’s Home, Enoch, Edson, Mary and sometimes Elliness, have been consistently attending the Hope Village Youth Club, and have been doing great things. Recently the boys, Edson and Enoch, put their names down to join the volunteering program to help the community with acts of kindness, especially those who are frail/weak, sick, disabled, elderly, widowed, or experiencing other difficulties. They heard about an elderly lady living in the village who had her outside toilet (which is typical in Malawi) collapse because of the heavy rains in previous months. They decided to club together to build her a new toilet. They went out to ask any locals if they had any spare bricks or cement that they wouldn’t mind donating to a good cause, many people came forward to donate what they needed, which in itself was a major thing! Thereafter, the boys, with the help of the Youth Club team leaders, all worked together to build the toilet which took them a week to build. The end product was an excellent, strong, new toilet, and the elderly lady was over joyed! She has spread the word of what the Youth Club members are doing for the community and we are receiving more requests for assistance, which Enoch and Edson are keen to be involved in. The Youth Club is testament of how nurturing and guiding youths in the right way and teaching them about Jesus’ many good works, builds a solid foundation in their lives.     



    Joshua has autism and can display challenging behaviour at times. We are in the process of finding his likes and dislikes and introducing him to new toys and games that may occupy him and assist with his learning. At present, he likes to climb trees which can be dangerous. Recently, Joshua was given a new bicycle, and to our amazement, he got on the bike and started to cycle without stabilizers or much practice. He loves to cycle now and has hopefully stopped climbing trees!



    There are still a high number of instances of children in the community being forced into work or marriage when they are too young. Please pray for the parents of these children and for the community as a whole.

    Hope Village is also in dire need of new bed sheet sets for the children’s home. 

  • The Hope Village farm is full of life and is assisting larger numbers. For example, our egg production is feeding more of the hungry and also eggs are sold to make the farm self-sustaining. In addition, we have 15 new piglets and 8 new kids.

    Please consider helping us to continue supporting the community by making a regular donation to Hope Village each month. Every little bit helps. 

  • The Gills have served the community they love in Malawi for well for over eight years. Now, after such a lengthy commitment that saw them leaving behind their home and family in the UK, they feel their time of service has come to and end.

    Their contribution has been immense and their service to Malawi and HOPE will be greatly missed.

    They have returned home to the UK and the work in HOPE VILLAGE will continue under new leadership. Les Denis (who was the director there before the Gills) will return to Malawi to help with the transition of the new leadership and HOPE will continue to run the programs that Paul developed, led, and loved. 

    We will send more information as we receive it.

  • This is Timothy a beautiful boy who lost his mother days after he was born. He came to us with his agogo as they could not afford to look after him so we helped with milk. 

    He also moved into our baby home for a short while as the agogo fell ill and needed help. We looked after him until he was able to eat solids and now he is back in his village with his family. 

    Every few weeks he comes back to Hope Village to give the agogo a break and well everyone here just adores him. Can you blame them, just look at that face. 

  • Matthews was one of the twelve children out of one hundred and thirty who passed the primary school exam and was chosen for secondary school. You have to work so hard to get a secondary place and we are so proud of him.  

    We are also so thankful for the donation we received to buy him a bike to get to school.  Without this help he would have had to walk a long way each day in the blazing heat!

    We are excited to be able to help another four students with bikes very soon thanks to further fundraising and donations from Canada and also from Bont Elim in Wales.  Darren has found a shop that seem to have a great deal on good quality bikes, it's a two hours drive away but we want to get the most out of our money so it is worth the trip!

  • For many years now we have had two salty boreholes on site which has made growing crops very difficult. It has also damaged many of our pumps and pipes. 

    Recently we received money from Hope for the Nations to dig a new borehole and were a little nervous as all of the villages surrounding us have salty boreholes and everyone said a sweet water borehole was impossible. 

    Well we prayed and the work began. Once the borehole had been dug we tentatively took a handful of water and were overjoyed that the water was sweet and delicious.

    We now have sweet water pumping around site and the families that we help and our staff now have their own vegetable plots. Not only are the vegetables growing nicely, everyone is tithing on what they grow so that other families who are hungry and in need get a share of the crop.

    We are so thankful to God and hope that this is a sign of what is to come at Hope Village. We want this place to be saturated with not only natural water but supernatural water as we seek to share the gospel, heal the sick and make disciples.

  • This is a local shop not far from Hope Village and it just makes me smile when i see it.

    I just love the fact that as you drive around Malawi you will see over an over again scriptures or sayings painted on walls and on the back of minibuses and trucks. 

    Someone starts a business and thinks I know I will call it "If God says yes who can say no discount shop". What would you call a shop if you had on in Malawi?


  • Working in coalition with 'Annies Closet' we have been able to kick start a jobs skills training programme here at Hope Village teaching people tailoring.

    We even have one of our local Chiefs who is an experienced tailor who is covering the practical training along with Don and Godwins our Job Skills Managers who are covering the Business Gods Way part of the course.

    We are looking forward to seeing their first project which is to make a dress.


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