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Heartbeat of Heaven is run by Al & Mel a husband and wife worship duo that operate in the prophetic and have an inner healing worship ministry.They have two beautiful children Jadon Timothy ( 8 ) and Arabella Rose ( 3 ) Together with Hope For The Nations UK their dream is to see Hope Village become an open heaven where all people will experience the Fathers presence and the weightiness of His love. A place known for healing miracles, where lives are forever changed and testimonies capture the hearts of people from around the globe...

They are passionate about Jesus their Savior and move as the Spirit of God leads them. 
They have a heart for young adults and believe that God has called them to minister to the youth.
In their ministry they use creativity as an expression of God's love, to bring forth healing, wholeness, restoration and calling out the gold in them. 

Hope Village is situated on 13 hectares of land in the south of Malawi in a region called Chikwawa.

Their team is made up of 22 Malawian staff members and 5 full-time international staff.

Their vision is to reveal the kingdom of God to the people of Malawi through words and actions, to bring hope to the hopeless and to love outrageously.

Our Core Values


The foundation of our identity as believers starts with our salvation and flows outward. The content in this section focuses on identity formed from intimacy with God, the launching pad for every other endeavor. In Him, we are made whole, and we overflow our wholeness into the world around us.


Created to create: God is solution-oriented and has created us to be creators, designers and problem solvers. You were created to use whatever God has given you to reproduce, contribute, and allow the Lord to bring a return. You were designed to be a designer of heavenly realms on earth!


A dreamer creates destiny: Our role is to dream with Him and plant words of hope and promise into the people of our cities that blossom into destiny. The reality is that all of eternity is impacted by the choices we're making now!


Heartbeat of Heaven Presents

  • Creative Arts School
  • Worship Leader Seminaars
  • Healing Crusades
  • Annual Worship Festival (Soul Fire)
  • Youth Camps / Worship Camps / Summer camps
  • Kingdom Culture Church
  • Foundations For Farming
  • Healing Rooms
  • Job and social skills training.
  • Crown Ministry Business school.
  • Sewing, bead, carpentry, pottery workshop


Hope For The Nations Canada and UK Sponsors:

  • Baby Ministry - including a baby feeding program and mother & baby support programs
  • Child Care
  • Family Support Program
  • Clinic 
  • Village Outreach - including family support 


Get Involved

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Project Updates

  • Tonight we sang love songs over Maria. Maria is one of our precious girls we take care of. She has celebral palsy and hydrosyphalus. 
    She doesn't have a mother or father to care for her and has made many carers but our heart is to create a home for her where she is surrounded by a community of love and support.

    Today we got to surprise her and Mayi Fani with some gifts from our family.

    New bedding, nets, clothes and some toiletries.

    As we sang over her love songs from the Fathers heart...we saw how the Father was healing her...
    The word says sing songs towards one another... something powerful happens when we move as the Spirit leads... the worship we bring changes atmospheres and through this people encounter His presence where they experience healing. 
    This is truly our vision for this place...

  • This is Moses grandparents house. For the past few months Hope village has been supporting Moses a young boy with disabilities and his grandparents who take care of him on the child support program.
    We as Heartbeat of Heaven have felt the Lord speak to us about repairing their home for them back in their home village as they have been unable to return home due to the state of their house.
    Yesterday we sent our maintenance officer Robert Gamah in to begin the process.

    Although we receive funds for various projects one of the greatest areas of need we face right now is maintenance...especially on our grounds, the farm and the property. 
    Since we have arrived Al and I have personally made it our mission to see this place restored as well as some of the houses our children are currently residing in. 
    We don't ask for much concerning this as we have trusted in the Lord and have already begun raising funds for this as Heartbeat of Heaven.

    We look forward to sharing with you the progress that has already taken place with our clinic, farm and children's home.

  • News update from our Baby feeding program:
    We would like to take the time to thank our sponsors from Hope for the Nations Canada and UK for the funds we received for our babies. Some of the babies as you can see have really flourished and have now completed the program with the introduction to new babies we recently received.

    It is such a blessing to see the progress report we have now put in place which enables us to take note of their weekly growth.

    We would also like to thank Heartbeat of Heaven for sponsoring our medics with new uniforms and for the maintenance and restoration of the clinic.

  • An update on our Family and child support program:
    We have implemented a new feeding plan in place which began on Friday which will subsequently sustain our families for a longer period of time.
    We have also established a new a healthcare program in place for our families and children. 
    Where our medics will continue weekly assessments with the outreach campaign we have now put in place. This enables us to build relationship with these families and to monitor them frequently. 
    Thank you to Hope for the Nations Canada and UK for the funding of this project as well as to Heartbeat of Heaven for sponsoring these families with soya this month.

  • Coming Soon....
    May 2019...
    Heartbeat of Heaven presents HOH Creative Arts School.

    The Heartbeat of Heaven Creative Arts School is a 3 month school intensive held on our base Hope Village for worship leaders, songwriters, and creatives. This School is a transformational time to grow in your craft and cultivate a deeper connection to God through worship and community. At the school we focus on three key elements which are our core values. Identity, knowing who you are in Christ Jesus. Purpose, knowing why you were created and for what purpose and destiny, knowing what the call upon your life is, dreaming with God and what that looks like as you take the next big step in your life. Our hearts is to see a broken young generation of today healed and fully restored. We believe in a culture of affirmation and celebration so our ultimate goal is to create a safe and fluent environment for trust to surround the heart from which creative ideas are birthed.

    The heart within the school is to grow courage where it is most needed and to clear a path within the artist to fully engage her/his gifts. Through verbal affirmation and sound teaching both spiritually and technically, a greater foundation is laid for the student . HOH is to build a foundation based in and on purity - this begins with pure intention. HOH implements a pure element of simplistic and realistic teaching that encourages passionate pursuit of cultural arts in and outside the church. HOH’s desire is to train hands for gifts by teaching the elements of pure-hearted response, awareness, and delivery.

    Applications will soon be available on our website

  • Our clinic opened on Monday and we began with such an amazingly blessed week with on Baby program. A huge thank you to all who have donated towards this feeding program. I am pleased to report that our babies on the program are doing so well. They are also looking so good!!!! Pictures soon to follow. ...

    We also want to share that we will soon begin with our healing rooms at the clinic and have already begun training our Clinic staff with the material supplied by Carol Campbell. An anointed woman that runs healing rooms for Africa. 
    This overwhelms our hearts deeply as it is a huge privilege to pray for and minister to the sick. There is no greater healer than Jesus!!!
    We look forward to sharing the incredible testimonies with you all.....


  • We began with our Foundations For Farming training today and trained our staff on Compost Making. We are prepping the farm for new produce we plan to farm....and trust that we will have a great harvest when the season comes. We are training our families that on Family support as well as the community on self sustainability. Pointing the way to the Father as their source and main provider.

    It was an amazing day and a well accomplished one at that as we got a lot done. Very proud of our farming staff today.

    This is great way to do community outreach and minister to the people of Maseya.

  • We are excited to share that we now have an irrigation system that works, reaching to the orchards and farm. It was a great team effort as we were helped by a fellow South African who now resides in Malawi. He and his incredible team served us well in the process....with excellent progress. Our orchards now have water. Praise Jesus!

  • Today we met with our dear friend TA/chief Maseya. We have already begun to build a wonderful relationship with him and are so grateful for his support at Hope Village. Today we blessed him with one of our goat's and shared the vision of Heartbeat of Heaven with him at Hope Village, about our hearts as worshippers and our desire to see heaven on earth. It's so exciting to share with him about Jesus and His love for the people of Chikwawa.

    We also talked to him about the clinic in the mornings and how we will be doing more community outreach in the afternoons with our medics, seeing people within their homes and using this as an opportunity to minister to the people of Chikwawa and seeing to their need.

    God is moving in this place and we are excited for where He is leading us next.

    Thank you Jesus!

  • Are you interested in volunteering for us?

    If so, the following vacancies are open:

    -Au pair / Missionary Nanny

    -Administration / Accounts

    -Conservation Agriculture / Farming 

    -Clinic / Healing Rooms

    -Kids Ministry

    -Youth Ministry

    -Orphan / Widow care / Family Support

    -Worship / Creative Arts


    This is a great postion for young adults who are looking to do their gap year or would like to serve on the missionary field.


    If you are interested please contact us at for more info. 

    We feel God is raising up a generation that is sold out to the King and ready to run with fire...

    He is sending them out into the Nations...

    We are waiting for you!

    Love Al & Mel.

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