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Heartbeat of Heaven is run by Al & Mel a husband and wife worship duo that operate in the prophetic and have an inner healing worship ministry. They have three beautiful children. Together with Hope For The Nations UK their dream is to see Hope Village become an open heaven where all people will experience the Fathers presence and the weightiness of His love. A place known for healing miracles, where lives are forever changed and testimonies capture the hearts of people from around the globe...

They are passionate about Jesus their Savior and move as the Spirit of God leads them. 
They have a heart for young adults and believe that God has called them to minister to the youth.
In their ministry they use creativity as an expression of God's love, to bring forth healing, wholeness, restoration and calling out the gold in them. 

Hope Village is situated on 13 hectares of land in the south of Malawi in a region called Chikwawa.

Their team is made up of 22 Malawian staff members and 5 full-time international staff.

Their vision is to reveal the kingdom of God to the people of Malawi through words and actions, to bring hope to the hopeless and to love outrageously.

Our Core Values


The foundation of our identity as believers starts with our salvation and flows outward. The content in this section focuses on identity formed from intimacy with God, the launching pad for every other endeavor. In Him, we are made whole, and we overflow our wholeness into the world around us.


Created to create: God is solution-oriented and has created us to be creators, designers and problem solvers. You were created to use whatever God has given you to reproduce, contribute, and allow the Lord to bring a return. You were designed to be a designer of heavenly realms on earth!


A dreamer creates destiny: Our role is to dream with Him and plant words of hope and promise into the people of our cities that blossom into destiny. The reality is that all of eternity is impacted by the choices we're making now!


Heartbeat of Heaven Presents

  • Creative Arts School
  • Worship Leader Seminaars
  • Healing Crusades
  • Annual Worship Festival (Soul Fire)
  • Youth Camps / Worship Camps / Summer camps
  • Kingdom Culture Church
  • Foundations For Farming
  • Healing Rooms
  • Job and social skills training.
  • Crown Ministry Business school.
  • Sewing, bead, carpentry, pottery workshop


Hope For The Nations Canada and UK Sponsors:

  • Baby Ministry - including a baby feeding program and mother & baby support programs
  • Child Care
  • Family Support Program
  • Clinic 
  • Village Outreach - including family support 


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Project Updates

  • “The devastating cyclone that hit south-eastern Africa may be the worst disaster to ever strike the southern hemisphere, according to the UN. Cyclone Idai swept through Mozambique, Malawi, and Zimbabwe last month destroying almost everything in its path, causing devastating floods, killing and injuring thousands of people, and ruining crops.”- The Guardian, 2019


    Hope for the Nations project, Hope Village in Malawi, runs a village complete with schools, a clinic, farming, children's homes, and warehouses for storage. We serve thousands of families in this riverbed community.


    The village itself and the surrounding communities were hit hard and needed our immediate support. In a short period of time we were able to raise over $15K to assist with the recovery efforts. There will be a long road ahead, but we are already hearing positive reports.


    “Together, we have served 1985 people; over 300 families affected by the floods in our region. Most of these families have been placed in a small facility a few kilometres from where we reside. We have provided these families with maize, beans, sheets, medication, and seeds.” - Albert & Melody, Directors of Hope Village, Malawi.


    Thank you to everyone who gave their support - we couldn't have done it without you!


  • We are so excited to share with you the wonderful transformation of Hope Villages- Heartbeat of Heaven Farm.
    We remember our very first day, dedicating the ground to the Lord with the staff and thanking God for a great harvest.
    We believe that we are called to be carriers of His presence, atmosphere changers, that even nature will begin to manifest His glory because of Christ in us!
    Take a look at what God has done...
    From dry ground to the a abundance of blessed crops!
    All the glory to our Father!

    Before and after pics of the farm.

    More photos to come soon. 
    Of the entire land.
    Our gardens are looking so beautiful!

  • Meet our spiritual son Horrace Moses

    One day Mel was praying over the people the Lord would send when we received a knock at the door. There stood this young man. He was hungry and dirty, infact he could barely speak due to his stutter and lack of English. He had showed Mel photos of a family that He had previously worked that what was all he could give her. 
    Earlier that morning Mel had been trying to get curtains down to be washed and was struggling due to her pregnancy, she immediately felt the Holy Spirit tug at her heart and felt lead to invite him in to assist her further.
    While he was busy taking down one of the curtains the Holy Spirit had spoken to her again about him and this time felt an urgency to invest into his life. She had shared this with me that evening and so we both prayed about it and both knew there was something very special about him....that this was the Fathers prompting.

    Today Horrace lives on the grounds and is a huge blessing to our Family. He is doing so well. Our desire is to send both him and Mary to Stewardship School to do Foundations for Farming and are trusting God for sponsors for them both. In the mean time I am currently training the both of them and recently taught Horrace how to plant his very own well watered garden.

    I am so proud of Horrace and the tremendous growth he has shown since he has come to live with us. His English has improved and through prayer his stutter has improved too.
    God revealed that it was rooted from abuse as a child but through love and encountering Jesus we can see Gods healing in his life.

    We truly feel called to invest into both he and Mary's life and are so excited about both their futures. They are very precious to us and so worth it!!!
    If you would like to sponsor Horrace or Mary for the Stewardship School please PM us and we will give you further details concerning this.

    Thank you Kindly for your support.

  • Look at what God has done in Maria's life and her incredible healing transformation.

    The swelling in her head has gone down. Her health has improved. She is able to sit without support and feed herself now.
    She is also doing so well at school!!!!

    This testimony is a reminder of the goodness of God!

    We are so excited and truly encouraged about all that God is doing here.

  • Dear Kingdom Family,

    I trust you are all well.
    Just an update from us the Erwee’s

    Firstly, it’s been a while since we updated something and for good reason.

    As you know I am pregnant and currently in my last trimester…
    We recently received news from our OBGYN that due to my health situation I would need to go on bed rest and take it easy….
    Due to the fact that the hospital is quite a distance from where we reside, we would need to be closer to the hospital as the time approaches.
    So with that being said we will be closing during the Christmas holidays until the New Year and our staff will also be on a well -deserved break. Please note that the office will be closed during this time. We will not be taking in any visitors until further notice. We have our trusted managers in place seeing to the necessary until our return.

    We have been crazy busy here on the land, Albert and the staff have been hard at work over the past few months with maintenance and restoring a lot of the damage to the buildings. We had an outbreak of a virus recently which has affected our livestock so we have had to move quickly and efficiently which in itself is a process. Next year we will be purchasing new livestock as we grow in faith.

    Our farm is doing great although we are still in urgent need of sweet water and patiently await a solar system so we can have clean drinking water here. We have already begun digging foundations for more water towers that will supply sufficient water to all our crops, gardens and livestock.. this is a move of faith so please pray with us! However we would like to thank the Heartbeat of Heaven donor who supported us financially with our irrigation system because of your kind donation our orchards are receiving some water and therefore are doing well. Thank you!

    Due to limited funds currently we are trying to come up with some creative ideas to bless our children and families as well as our staff for Christmas. If you would like to make a kind donation towards this, it would be so much appreciated. We will keep you updated with regards to this with pics and posts as we draw closer to the time.

    Also, we are excited to announce the incredible changes that will be taking place here next year…
    This year we focused a lot on restoration and maintenance which was of great importance and still is…
    We lost a lot of trees due to a lack of water, some buildings needed to be restored due to heavy damage and we have had a major problem concerning termites which affected our dormitories tremendously!
    Albert and the staff have already done so much with regards to maintenance, and look forward to showing you our before and after pics.
    2019 we believe will be a year of transformation… A lot of changes will be made as we move towards the vision God has given us as Heartbeat of Heaven.
    So stay tuned for this!

    An update on our families, children and babies…

    All our families were recently individually assessed in their homes and because of the new program we put into place we were able to get a very clear idea on their personal needs. Sister Chrissie our head nurse who assessed the families with us made herself available to go and assist with medical check- ups..
    Two of our beneficiaries are bed ridden and therefore cannot move and due to this haven’t had a wash for quite sometime…So she has assisted them with baths while we helped with new toiletries and fresh clothing.

    Our children are also doing very well since some of them have been placed with their families. These families have committed to walking a journey with us in seeing our children thrive and benefit from our child support program where we are involved in all aspects especially with regards to their schools where we get weekly updates and monthly reports on their progress.

    Our babies are also doing so well on the baby feeding program as we have already released another five babies who have completed the program and are in perfect health. We have just taken on five new babies this month and look forward to seeing their progress too.

    We have also begun reaching out to the troubled youth in our area which began with some youth we caught stealing and causing trouble, we felt the Lord speak to us about walking a journey with them and calling out the gold in them. They have begun joining us in the morning for devotion and will be assisting us on the farm. Through this we have felt lead to begin a youth program that will meet this problem in the community and see a change made as our youth transform their lives through encountering Jesus and demonstrating His love.

    With regards to worship, for us this is a lifestyle we lead and demonstrate to all our staff…We have begun discipleship training and look forward to the various workshops that will take place next year as well as our Worship school which will begin in May 2019 where we will be hosting various guest speakers…

    We have already begun the planning phase of turning one of our houses into a studio where we look forward to recording new songs with our students. If you would like to sponsor a student and would like to know more concerning this feel free to email us.

    We have some volunteers coming in over the New year and look forward to introducing them all to you and what they will be doing here…

    Please keep us in prayer as there is still so much work to be done and with limited funds there is only so much we can do. So we are going to be running a couple of fund raisers. Next year we look forward to our Rooted In Africa| Rooted In Love Arts and Crafts project which will focus on self –sustainability as well Foundations For Farming which focuses on sustainable farming.

    Lastly, We were hoping to reach all our donors individually with a personal note to say thank you for all your support as we believe in building Kingdom relationships and networking with other ministries so we reached out to obtain your details so that we could create a database but were informed from HFTN UK that there Is a strict data protection law and would like to honour that …so if you would like for us to get in touch with you and would like us to send you a personal note of thanks please feel free to PM us your details so that we can do so.

    We began here in June 2018 and have already seen God do the impossible. Although it has not been easy we are so grateful for the opportunity to take ownership of this incredible gift of a blessing and to be entrusted by God to be good stewards of the dream He has entrusted us with. We look forward to 2019 and believe that it is going to be a very blessed year for us all!

    From our hearts to yours…
    We thank you!
    Al, Mel, Jadon, Arabella, Jadon and Josua.
    Heartbeat of Heaven.


  • Testimony time...

    I just love it when you see God do the impossible and move mountains, especially when you see your brother promoted.

    Our hearts desire is to see all our staff grow as well as move into their God given destiny...

    Such as our brother and staff member Mr. Mike Mphinga who is a medic at our clinic. You see Mike is one of the hardest working, most loyal employees we have...He loves the Lord deeply and has a such a servant heart, even volunteers on his days off to help with our Family and child support program. Together with Sister Chrissie they make an incredible team. When they are not working in the clinic, they are running he baby feeding program, assessing the families and children on support and going into the villages to do house calls and pray for the sick. We just love their faith in the Lord.

    Well you see Mike has had a huge desire to go further in his medical field to become a pediatrician. This man has a true gift with babies and children!!!
    Ever since the day he told us his desire we encouraged him to go further and stood in agreement with him for a breakthrough!
    He took a huge step of faith a few months back to apply for an internship at a really good hospital and then a few nights ago Mike received a prophetic word that he would receive a phone call the next day, this would be his breakthrough ...
    The next morning Mike did indeed receive his phone call with the wonderful news that he got in as an intern at the hospital he was trusting God for!!!!

    Although we are going to miss him deeply at our clinic we are overjoyed at the fact that he is moving into his God given destiny and we celebrate that with Him as his family.

    This is our Heartbeat as a ministry to call out the gold in our staff, volunteers and students and see them catapulted into their God given destinies...

    Mike Mphinga go for gold dear friend may you grow from glory to glory and be all that God has called you to be.

  • Tonight we sang love songs over Maria. Maria is one of our precious girls we take care of. She has celebral palsy and hydrosyphalus. 
    She doesn't have a mother or father to care for her and has made many carers but our heart is to create a home for her where she is surrounded by a community of love and support.

    Today we got to surprise her and Mayi Fani with some gifts from our family.

    New bedding, nets, clothes and some toiletries.

    As we sang over her love songs from the Fathers heart...we saw how the Father was healing her...
    The word says sing songs towards one another... something powerful happens when we move as the Spirit leads... the worship we bring changes atmospheres and through this people encounter His presence where they experience healing. 
    This is truly our vision for this place...

  • This is Moses grandparents house. For the past few months Hope village has been supporting Moses a young boy with disabilities and his grandparents who take care of him on the child support program.
    We as Heartbeat of Heaven have felt the Lord speak to us about repairing their home for them back in their home village as they have been unable to return home due to the state of their house.
    Yesterday we sent our maintenance officer Robert Gamah in to begin the process.

    Although we receive funds for various projects one of the greatest areas of need we face right now is maintenance...especially on our grounds, the farm and the property. 
    Since we have arrived Al and I have personally made it our mission to see this place restored as well as some of the houses our children are currently residing in. 
    We don't ask for much concerning this as we have trusted in the Lord and have already begun raising funds for this as Heartbeat of Heaven.

    We look forward to sharing with you the progress that has already taken place with our clinic, farm and children's home.

  • News update from our Baby feeding program:
    We would like to take the time to thank our sponsors from Hope for the Nations Canada and UK for the funds we received for our babies. Some of the babies as you can see have really flourished and have now completed the program with the introduction to new babies we recently received.

    It is such a blessing to see the progress report we have now put in place which enables us to take note of their weekly growth.

    We would also like to thank Heartbeat of Heaven for sponsoring our medics with new uniforms and for the maintenance and restoration of the clinic.

  • An update on our Family and child support program:
    We have implemented a new feeding plan in place which began on Friday which will subsequently sustain our families for a longer period of time.
    We have also established a new a healthcare program in place for our families and children. 
    Where our medics will continue weekly assessments with the outreach campaign we have now put in place. This enables us to build relationship with these families and to monitor them frequently. 
    Thank you to Hope for the Nations Canada and UK for the funding of this project as well as to Heartbeat of Heaven for sponsoring these families with soya this month.

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$4,275 raised


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