Stories of Impact

Creating Opportunities for a Bright Future

It’s the stories of success and change that help drive HOPE forward as an organization and as a global advocate for the rights of children and families. These stories speak of not only the success of those children impacted, but also your success as supporters and donors who make these projects possible. Read just a few of the most recent stories below . . .



My name is Cynthia and I came to Hogar de Amor when I was 3 years old. My brother and I came to Hogar de Amor, because of the divorce of our parents. Our mother had to work and couldn’t care for us at the same time.

Honestly, I think if HOPE hadn’t been part of Hogar de Amor I would not have had the future I have now. Through HOPE, a lot of children got blessed and were given an advantage to achieve a better quality of life.

A lot of stories have become some of my best memories. One of them is this: At night, more or less every two months, we made a big campfire, with Bible teaching and worship.

Altogether, adults and children singing songs and playing guitar. I really enjoyed these Moments. After, we grilled marshmallows and ate Hot-Dogs. Everyone grilled their sausage in the campfire. We sat around listening to stories and telling jokes.

I remember very well the many gifts I received at Hogar de Amor, but I think one of the best gifts was to have a family. They always stood by my side and helped me when I needed them. Hogar de Amor has always been a family, a home in which you can grow personally and spiritually. It is a place to serve others and invest in their lives.

One of my dreams is to go on studying and finish a professional career. I would like to learn about a different area. I know God is fulfilling his purpose in my life, like having my family, husband, and son, a home and a place to serve together with them.

It makes me feel alive to serve others. I love it. It’s like a gift in me. If I could change one thing in this world I would give more importance to the families. In this time I feel that family is losing its importance and getting less value in society. Family is something divine, God given to love and care, to invest our best in it.



I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks and warmest gratitude to all of you - friends and Sponsors for your support toward us (Orphans). Thank you so much for your tremendous contribution toward our lives. I bless the Lord so much for who I am as the result of your support.

I am one of the students who benefited from your support from grade school up to earning a University Degree. At times I try to envision the possibility of what I have achieved without your involvement. Would this be possible? I doubt it. Such a thought makes me feel more grateful.

Well, with the training and discipline I have acquired from various homes makes me the man I am today. I feel indebted to you and HOPE at large. And the only way I feel I can pay this debt back is to reciprocate kind gestures to others; like I am doing now as director of Mercy Ministry (POH) Liberia.

Thank you so much for restoring my hope and putting a big smile on my face when I was wearing a huge frown. I pledge to serve as the light when there’s darkness, a smile when there’s a frown, a renewal of hope when it is lost from a less fortunate child as I was. You did this for me as you demonstrated the Lord’s love and I benefited.

Attending to the widows and elderly is a huge motivation for me. I love listening to their youthful stories. It serves as a direction for me. I feel alive making the kids smile. It reminds me of my days at the orphanage.Thank you all for generous support! I love you and I fully appreciate your efforts. A special thanks to the Provision Of Hope Family, and Hope for the Nations and to all our local staff. I am Grateful to God first and secondly to all of you. Thank you so much!



My name is George Chege, I’m a 23 year old student attending Amboseli Institute in Nairobi, Kenya with the goal of becoming a chef. I’m able to attend the school thanks to a scholarship from HOPE.

I grew up in a one-room home in a slum region of Mtwapa, a city along the Eastern coastline of Kenya. The reason as to why I chose Chef Training goes way back to 2013 when I first joined High School. I met with a teacher, Mrs. Kaviha, who by then taught Home Science and explained to me the essence of having a well-cooked and balanced diet in today’s world.

From there I grew an interest in food and became more passionate and wanted to know more about food products and services. I ended up joining her class and never missed her lessons. She was an inspiration to all the students she ever taught. The boldness and courage to proceed to college was all thanks to her efforts and she deserves the best from the world. The second reason as to why I chose Chef Training is due to my family. Being the first born, I took it as my responsibility to get educated so that I can give back to them in the near future and be a role model to my younger sister and two brothers.

The Amboseli Institute is a well-known and established school of hospitality. I chose to undertake the Food Production Course. Under this course, we are taught how to prepare, serve, and present different types of meals. We are taught how to communicate with both the customers and other prospects of higher ranks at the organization. We also learn how to do food costing and communicate in foreign languages. Computer studies are also available in every course to avoid illiteracy of technology in the society.

I have faced several challenges that occur while in this institution. It is said, ‘In every opportunity there must be a challenge’. The delay of ingredients from the market and stores, which makes the students impatient and angry. Misunderstanding of feelings between teachers and students during practical sessions. Theft of practical tools in cookery department and hostels. Yet, I continue to believe that there’s a promising future if you only consider the reasons as to why you joined the Institute in the first place. Life is full of challenges, the only thing that we ought to know is how to overcome them.



My parents were in prison in Colima and me and my brother Gonzalo lived far
away. They decided it would be best to have us as close as possible to them. At this time they heard about Hogar de Amor. Other people in prison saw their children every month, because the staff of Hogar de Amor brought them to visit.

Initially I was afraid what might happen to my brother and I, but everything worked out. Living at Hogar de Amor, we had a big family with many brothers and sisters. We had a lot of fun, learned about the love of God and everything was just good.

Throughout my life there, I was able to study. Studying for my professional career is one of my happiest memories. To me, HOPE was like a family full of love and respect. And as a result I now have my own family and I’m able to show them all Hogar de Amor gave to me.

Right now I am an engineer in telematics, but I would like to have a company in the
technological area with my own employees.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you! Your support was fundamental for my life and for the life of all those who are in Hogar de Amor, who have a courageous heart.